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Walpole to apply for energy grant

Walpole would need to change zoning to allow for a renewable energy or alternative energy generation facility in a designated area by right. ...Selectman Snuffer said he "shudders in total agony" with the thought of allowing by-right zoning - site bylaws that give the town very little recourse for denying a business from building in the designated area
8 Sep 2010

Outlook 'bleak' for state wind bill

State Reps. Daniel E. Bosley, Denis Guyer and William "Smitty" Pignatelli oppose the wind siting bill because they don't believe it provides enough control to local communities. The legislation is a response to the difficulties and delays wind projects have faced in the permitting process and from legal challenges.
7 Sep 2010

High court green lights Cape Wind

"There are a lot of implications beyond Cape Wind," Cape Cod Commission Executive Director Paul Niedzwiecki said yesterday. Based on the court's decision, an energy developer could simply fill out applications with local boards but then proceed directly to the siting board for a ruling, he said. "I don't think that kind of bootstrapping was intended when the (siting board) was created," he said.
1 Sep 2010

Massachusetts Senate One last gust for wind bill

The Senate will try again today to pass a bill supporters say will streamline the location of wind power facilities in Massachusetts. The legislation, which has received mixed reviews from Berkshire lawmakers, passed both the Massachusetts Senate and House. However, the Senate failed to take a final parliamentary vote before the clock ran out July 31.
30 Aug 2010

GOP senators block wind bill

The state Senate sought yesterday to revive a proposal to overhaul the wind turbine siting process and Senate President Therese Murray indicated she'd throw the weight of her office behind an effort to send the bill to Gov. Deval Patrick.
24 Aug 2010

Brimfield wind farm proposal coming into focus as proposal for Massachusetts to take control from towns stalls

The town and its residents are just beginning to understand the implications of an eight-to-10-turbine wind farm proposed for West Mountain just as a state proposal to take control of wind projects away from towns stalls in the legislature. "This all lets the townspeople know that it ultimately will be the citizens' vote at Town Meeting," said Thomas C. Marino, chairman of the Brimfield Board of Selectmen.
24 Aug 2010

Senate renews push for wind energy bill

After the brief session, Knapik described wind energy as a heavily subsidized "ripoff" and said he was confident Senate Republicans would block the bill any time Senate leaders attempt to push it through between now and the end of the legislative session in January 2011. Timilty, who presided Monday, said he expected another bid to enact the bill later this week. "Right back up again on Thursday," he said.
23 Aug 2010

Small Mass. wind power project facing stiff breeze

The amount of energy produced isn't worth the trade-off in noise, disruption and commercial development of green areas. "We are not going to be changing our energy profile in New England with 1,000 wind turbines, but we are going to be destroying our environment," she said. "If we are talking about sacrificing all our mountaintops for 5-6 percent of our energy needs, that's not acceptable."
22 Aug 2010

Wind energy is a bad bargain

Mr. Baker also demonstrated a reasoned devotion to data and math when it comes to the Patrick Administration's swoon over wind energy. He said he couldn't make sense of it. Neither can we, not of wind energy plants in the state and federal waters surrounding the Vineyard -but nowhere else at all in state waters - and not dotting the Vineyard landscape either.
12 Aug 2010

Kulik: Wind siting bill dies in House

Yet the measure died in the House after opponents of the bill delayed a formal vote on the final compromise legislation crafted by negotiators from both chambers until the final minute of the legislative session at 12:01 a.m. Sunday morning. That prevented the legislation from reaching the Senate for final approval.
5 Aug 2010

Wind energy siting bill railroads local zoning

The country has evidently arrived at a point in its legal culture where no negative consequences seem to exist for making false or misleading claims to sell wind energy and take your property rights. Should the people who value intellectual honesty be fleeced by such mendacity, even from their government?
3 Aug 2010

Lawmakers pass last minute bills

Lawmakers also gave final approval to a measure to reduce health care costs for small businesses, but failed to take a final vote on another measure to streamline the site selection process for wind energy turbines. Supporters of the wind energy bill hope the Senate can give it a final vote during an informal session, delivering it to Gov. Patrick's desk.
1 Aug 2010

Lawmakers challenge state permitting process

A bipartisan group of House legislators, including several from Cape Cod and Nantucket, are asking state Attorney General Martha Coakley to take a hard look at a proposal to overhaul how land-based wind energy projects are approved. ...Opponents say the bill, expected to go to Gov. Deval Patrick's desk for his signature today, goes too far. The legislative session ends Saturday.
30 Jul 2010

Energy expansion exploration could lead to U.S. partnerships: Massachusetts official

On Tuesday, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia announced they would explore building new transmission lines between the two provinces, which would more than double the amount of electricity that can be shared between them. A similar expansion of capacity between centrally located New Brunswick and the northeastern United States could give the Maritimes access to a lucrative energy market.
23 Jul 2010
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