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Brewster may purchase wind power

Brewster may be back in the wind turbine business. Local opponents of the discarded plan to site twin 400-foot turbines off Freeman’s Way (abandoned in 2013 after a four-year battle) can breathe easier – these proposed turbines would be in Plymouth.
7 Oct 2014

Crying foul over cost of power

What’s more, the utility’s spokespeople state, it makes no profit on the supply side of the bill, simply passing along to customers the going rate for electricity from regional power generators. The profit and cost of doing business comes from the other half of the bill, the "delivery" portion that covers the transmission and maintenance of power lines and hookups to homes and businesses.
5 Oct 2014

Software glitch costs owners of Scituate wind turbine $45,000

As the 131-foot-long blades of the wind turbine on the Driftway sit motionless, an executive of Scituate Wind LLC said the company has lost more than $45,000 since the machine stopped working on June 26. ..."they’re talking to people in Beijing to get things fixed. They’ve been trouble shooting, but haven’t been able to figure out what the problem is.”
30 Jul 2014

No to Cape Wind

Not only would Cape Wind burden taxpayers and ratepayers with its high costs, it would outsource jobs abroad. For example, rather than utilizing local Massachusetts businesses such as Mass Tank, the production of turbine foundations has been outsourced to Germany, and manufacturing jobs to build the turbines have been outsourced to Siemens in Denmark.
18 Jun 2014

Senate rejects $20M hike in community college funding

The town invested heavily in new wind turbines but town officials said their wind farm near Wachusett Mountain has resulted in higher than expected debt costs, energy production and repair costs along with less than expected energy output. Without the assistance, town officials said its 1,500 customers are paying on average an additional $480 annually over their investment in wind power.
23 May 2014

Ed Markey, lawmakers rake in Cape Wind dollars

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, U.S. Rep Joseph Kennedy III, and U.S. Sen. Al Franken are among the politicians who have reaped thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Cape Wind executives and lobbyists. ...“They successfully lobbied to extend the tax credit until December. Those (legislative) decisions really make or break these deals because without that subsidy, Cape Wind wouldn’t happen.”
20 May 2014

Scituate Wind turbine under repair

“While our operators have checked wiring and equipment and cleared most of the faults, there has been a recurring problem of 'fix one problem and another one appears.' Sometimes it’s been fix the second problem and the first one re-appears. ...they don’t yet know the root cause.”
15 May 2014

Turbine protest denied by Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals

Despite the Hobarts’ repeated testimony that the turbine caused health implications and reduced the value of their home, the appeals board voted unanimously to uphold building commissioner Eladio S. Gore’s determination that the turbine at the Falmouth Technology Park is not a nuisance. ...Michael J. O’Neill, an attorney from the Boston law firm McGregor & Associates, said of the turbine “Since they [the Hobarts] no longer live in the house, they are no longer aggrieved.”
6 May 2014
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