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Wind restrictions could thwart farmers' plan to power schools

A small group of Island farmers appeared before the Martha's Vineyard Commission last Thursday to voice concerns over a proposal to nominate nearly all of the air space over the Island as a special protection zone to control the development of land-based wind turbines. If it is designated, the district of critical planning concern would trigger a one-year moratorium on wind projects over 150 feet.
18 Dec 2009

North Woburn wind farm is in the works

The winds of change are in the air in North Woburn! The thought of a wind farm on the sprawling, 40-acre old city dump off Merrimac Street and New Boston Street is in the works. The idea is somewhere between the thought process and the drawing board.
16 Dec 2009

Public packs forum on turbines

Approximately 100 people attended a public forum held on Dec. 9 at Dartmouth High School on the proposed municipal wind turbine project being proposed for a site off Chase Road. ...The two 100-meter towers (referred to as the North and South Turbines) are buffered from neighbors by a radius of 960 feet and 860 feet respectively.
16 Dec 2009

Dartmouth board hears residents' concerns on wind turbines

The Select Board listened for more than two hours Monday night to the advantages and disadvantages of constructing two wind turbines at the wastewater treatment plant off Chase Road. ...residents complained about a possible drop in home values and voiced concerns about shadow flicker caused by the rotation of the blades as well as noise and ice flung by the blades. "I don't want to live under a wind tower and I don't think anyone else does," said Jeffrey Katz.
15 Dec 2009

Alternative Energy Commission has an agenda

After attending the forum on the Dartmouth wind power project at the high school, it was easy to see that the Alternative Energy Committee is not a group of people assembled to make all the facts about wind turbines known ...It is a group of people with an agenda to erect wind power turbines larger than any presently located in New England, no matter what the cost is to the affected residents.
15 Dec 2009

Town ordered to reconsider turbine proposal

The court order instructs the town to reconsider a private developer's proposal to build two wind turbines near route 3A. On January 6th, that is exactly what the town plans to do. The Planning Board will hear a revised plan from CCI Energy, the meeting will be held at Town Hall.
14 Dec 2009

Wind for sale; Princeton states turbines spinning

During testing and commissioning the last few weeks, the two 1.5-megawatt wind turbines off Westminster Road already are producing enough power to provide electricity for 130 homes, and at full capacity will supply electricity to 40 percent of residents and businesses in town. ...but the town would still need to rely on power from a stable resource as a backup when the wind slows down. "We would need to have a predictable energy resource to call on when there is no wind," he said.
13 Dec 2009

Real cost of wind

The news that Cape Wind and National Grid, a regional power distributor, will soon negotiate the cost of power from the proposed 130-turbine wind farm in Nantucket Sound sounds like the last act is near. Perhaps, but it's likely to be a dramatic one. Consider, if you will, the difficulties of calculating the costs of producing power over let's say 20 years if you are unsure of the cost and source of capital, the cost and speed of construction, the unknown difficulties of maintaining offshore power production, the uncertainties of the consumer market.
13 Dec 2009

Selectman advocates for wind turbine in Freetown

Two wind turbines in Portsmouth, R.I., have caught the interest of Selectman Lawrence N. Ashley. Ashley said he hopes to team up with Providence-based real estate developer Churchill & Banks, which owns land at the proposed 400-acre Riverfront Business Park on South Main Street, in order to procure grant funding for a wind turbine at the location.
13 Dec 2009

Turbine hearing re-scheduled

The Planning Board will once again take up the CCI-Energy wind turbine application following the holidays. After having to cancel the initial advertised public hearing on Nov. 24 because the official remand order from Land Court had not been received, the planning board has scheduled the hearing for Wednesday, Jan. 6.
12 Dec 2009

Zoning panel KOs windmill; Stop & Shop considers options after proposal shot down

The Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.'s vision of a large wind turbine spinning above the East Gloucester salt marshes may have become the shortest lived of Cape Ann's yet-unrealized commercial wind power projects. Plans to build a large windmill in the grocer's Bass Avenue shopping center were dealt a serious blow Thursday night by the Zoning Board of Appeals, which rejected a bid for zoning relief at the site, the first hurdle in local permitting.
12 Dec 2009

Storm deflates wind turbine balloon test

OKH members didn't have a good chance to see a balloon test intended to demonstrate the height of Cape Cod Community College's proposed wind turbine on its campus off Route 132 this week due to a storm with high winds. What's more, said OKH member Patricia Anderson, the rubber marker was just too small. "It's kind of small," she said, "like a kid's party balloon."
11 Dec 2009

Decision postponed on wind turbine at Cape college

The town of Barnstable's Old King's Highway Historic District Committee postponed a decision last night on whether to approve a wind turbine at Cape Cod Community College. The college wants to install a 600-kilowatt wind turbine on its West Barnstable campus near the school's tennis courts. The windmill would stand 242 feet high from the base to the top of the highest blade.
10 Dec 2009

100 attend forum on wind turbine plan

The proposal to erect two industrial wind turbines off Chase Road in Dartmouth drew nearly 100 people to a forum at Dartmouth High School on Wednesday evening. In an open discussion conducted by town moderator Steven C. Sharek, presentations were made.
10 Dec 2009

National Grid OKs deal to buy Deepwater's wind-generated power

National Grid has agreed to purchase electricity from Deepwater Wind's proposed wind farm off Block Island in a critical step forward for the offshore wind developer's plans to bring clean energy to Rhode Island. National Grid, the state's largest electric utility, filed the agreement with the Public Utilities Commission late Wednesday. The deal is subject to the approval of the commission.
10 Dec 2009

Actor rips governor's wind turbine proposal

"Rescue Me" actor and Martha's Vineyard resident Lenny Clarke yesterday walloped Gov. Deval Patrick's proposed plan to lease state waters for 166, 450-foot-high wind turbines between the Gay Head cliffs and Cuttyhunk Island. "Don't let Teddy die in vain," said Clarke, calling the Herald from the set of his hit show in New York. "I am all for green energy, but I don't think it is worth ruining the picturesque beauty of the Vineyard."
10 Dec 2009

Deval Patrick blows off turbine critics

Gov. Deval Patrick yesterday brushed off criticism of his proposal to plant 166 massive wind turbines off the coast of toney Martha's Vineyard, even as he sought to reassure the wealthy enclave's enraged residents he's not spoiling for a fight. "Wind mills have to go where the wind is," Patrick told the Herald.
8 Dec 2009

Martha's Vineyard tackles wind turbine regulation

The Martha's Vineyard Commission has scheduled a public hearing Thursday night on whether to limit the size of wind turbines that can be erected on the island. ...If a land-based zone for wind turbines on the island is designated, a year-long moratorium on any development in the affected airspace would go into effect while regulations are developed and approved, according to the press release.
5 Dec 2009

Cape Wind, National Grid prepare to negotiate long-term power contract

Time is of the essence for Cape Wind if it wants to take advantage of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding, which would reduce the cost of the project by 30 percent. "Part of the stimulus act provided even greater federal incentives for things like wind power," Mr. Rodgers said, but to qualify for ARRA funding, the wind farm would have to begin construction by the end of 2010 and complete construction by the end of 2012.
5 Dec 2009
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