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Study: Most won't pay more for wind power

The UMass researchers found that more than half of the people surveyed would not pay more for wind-generated electricity. Massachusetts has some of the nation's highest energy costs. More than a quarter said they would pay more, while 18 percent were undecided, researchers said.
22 Jan 2010

Find more suitable site for Dartmouth turbines

The Dartmouth Select Board just approved the permit to build two giant wind turbines off Chase Road in North Dartmouth. I believe this to be a mistake. ...the Select Board has made a very inappropriate decision to locate the two giant (328-foot) wind turbines in a beautiful rural area of Dartmouth. The scale of the turbines is not feasible for the site, being positioned just 600 feet from Chase Road.
16 Jan 2010

Wind Power in Savoy: Board hears project analysis

The report from the town's independent consultant is in, and with a few exceptions, it seems Minuteman Wind LLC. accurately predicted the effect its proposed wind farm on West Hill will have on the town. The Zoning Board of Appeals heard from Peter Guldberg of Tech Environmental after his firm had a chance to analyze Minuteman's proposal to build a five-turbine, 12.5-megawatt wind farm on 290 acres of West Hill.
16 Jan 2010

Wellfleet wind turbine plan hits turbulence

A tempest is brewing over the proposed wind turbine at White Crest Beach. Last week, vandals absconded with the stakes used to mark the site of the turbine. This week, a large group of Outer Cape homeowners gathered at National Seashore headquarters to voice their objections to the project. And it appears that the vice-chair of the Wellfleet Energy Committee, which spearheaded the project, has resigned.
16 Jan 2010

Island tribe, Cape Wind resist plan to relocate turbines to Tuckernuck

After more than eight years of controversy, a final decision on the Cape Wind development planned for Nantucket Sound will be made by the end of April, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar promised this week. Mr. Salazar made the commitment after an exhaustive round of meetings in Washington on Wednesday involving all the major parties supporting and opposing the development.
15 Jan 2010

Salazar vows decision on Cape Wind

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar pledged yesterday that he would decide whether to approve the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm within three months. After a series of meetings on the plan by Cape Wind Associates LLC to build 130 wind turbines in the Sound, Salazar said he would issue a decision by April if the project developer and opponents of the wind farm could not reach a compromise before March 1.
14 Jan 2010

Cape Wind's fate faces critical meeting in D.C.

Developers of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm reconfigured the project's footprint and agreed to search for Native American artifacts in the sea bed where the turbines would be built, according to a draft agreement drawn up in June to satisfy Native American and historical preservation officials' concerns. That never-signed document is expected to serve as a rough template tomorrow in Washington when US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar convenes key players to broker a compromise.
13 Jan 2010

Salazar to decide on planned Cape Cod wind farm

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Wednesday he will decide by the end of April whether to approve a proposed wind farm off Cape Cod that has sparked a bitter, nine-year public fight. Salazar's comments came after meetings with key players in Cape Wind's plan to build 130 turbines, each over 400 feet tall, in Nantucket Sound.
13 Jan 2010

Sound wind farm dispute nears climax

Whatever decision comes out of meetings hosted tomorrow by U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to negotiate a deal on the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm is bound to leave somebody unhappy. Salazar called for the meetings last week on the heels of a finding by the National Park Service that the Sound is eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
12 Jan 2010

Consider cost of wind energy

The editorial, "Wind is worth it" (Jan. 6) reminded me of my father's musing over a college student friend of my brother's who came to dinner and stayed four years. Walter would compliment my Dad's skill at the grill and the prime cut. "It's worth the extra money," he'd say. My Dad would quip, "Of course it's worth the extra money when I'm paying for it."
12 Jan 2010

Not every location works

On the surface it is easy to support green energy, but not every location works, particularly one that industrializes a national treasure and tramples the religious rights of Native Americans. The National Park Service is right: Nantucket Sound is a culturally, environmentally and historically significant national treasure, one that deserves protection on the National Register of Historic Places. Cape Wind could not have picked a worse location to crowd with 130 massive steel towers.
10 Jan 2010

Ruling by Park Service favors tribes; Secretary Salazar calls a summit

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will meet with Cape Wind opponents and proponents, among them members of the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe in Washington on Wednesday, following this week's finding that Nantucket Sound was eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic places. ...The boundaries of the area at issue are ill-defined, but it appears the claim refers to some 500 square miles of Nantucket Sound.
9 Jan 2010

New issues face wind project; hearing continued to Jan. 20

The CCI-Energy wind turbine project blew back into town for official business on Wednesday night. Eight months to the day after the Planning Board denied the two-turbine special permit application they convened to determine if modifications made to the application now make it comply with the town's zoning bylaws. The application is back for this further consideration on a remand order from Land Court.
8 Jan 2010

Dartmouth wind turbine obstructs airport traffic, FAA rules

The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled that one of two wind turbines proposed for town-owned land off Chase Road is a hazard to air traffic and must be lowered. The FAA's review found that the height of the north turbine - which measures 462 feet from the tip of the blade to the ground - "exceeds obstruction standards and/or would have an adverse physical or electromagnetic interference" upon air traffic.
8 Jan 2010

Kirk cautions Coakley on Cape Wind

U.S. Sen. Paul Kirk may be backing a fellow Democrat in her quest to capture the seat he now holds, but when it comes to the controversial Cape Wind project, he wants her to slow down. ..."I'd tell her that before a private-energy project is begun in a precious coastal waterway, we've got to make sure all of the (issues) have been fully vetted," Kirk said.
8 Jan 2010

U.S. to Sound out options on wind farm

"We shall not be moved" may be the refrain heard from Cape Wind LLC when U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar convenes a meeting of project officials, regulators and participating entities in Washington Jan. 13. ...Assistant town attorney Charles McLaughlin, who will represent the town in Washington next week, said moving the project "has been our goal all along. Everyone on our side will convey that leaving the project in Nantucket Sound is a non-starter."
8 Jan 2010

Offshore wind power loses steam

The state has decided that the waters off Plum Island and Salisbury Beach aren't prime areas for renewable energy projects, like offshore wind turbines. The region doesn't have adequate tidal energy for tide-powered turbines, and it isn't being seriously considered for an offshore wind turbine farm, according to the final version of an ocean management plan released by the state earlier this week.
8 Jan 2010

Officials push project along in bid for subsidies

State Energy Secretary Ian Bowles has been twisting arms for months to speed approval of Cape Wind so the project can meet a key 2010 deadline to grab nearly half a billion dollars in federal subsidies - a staggering amount that will still only cover a third of the controversial offshore wind turbine project's costs. ...Bowles' active lobbying for the controversial private development has infuriated the project's critics.
7 Jan 2010

Wellfleet wind turbine site vandalized

Wellfleet police are investigating alleged vandalism to land survey stakes off Ocean View Drive where the town is planning a land-based wind turbine. The removal of a handful of stakes on town land was reported to the police yesterday by land surveyor Chet Lay of Slade Associates of Wellfleet, said police chief Richard Rosenthal this morning.
7 Jan 2010
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