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The banality of evil is alive and well on Cape Cod

My local newspaper recently published an op-ed piece which is one of the  ugliest, most main-spirited I have ever read.  According to its author, Melody Affonce, anyone whose health is harmed by wind turbines must furnish unassailable proof before we take action to prevent further harm.  She compares these victims to those seeking workers compensation, welfare, or disability benefits. At the moment, the only thing the turbine neighbors are actually asking for is relief. 
5 May 2014

Wind bid stalled

A bid to push along the town’s commitment to buy power from a proposed wind turbine project in Plymouth has stalled because the Board of Selectmen wants more information about the town’s costs and savings as well as the lawsuits surrounding the proposal.
12 Feb 2014

Fairhaven residents voice turbine concerns at Cape DPU hearing

Louise Barteau of Fairhaven said she rented a studio in the fall of 2011 within 963 feet of where a wind turbine was later built. Barteau said she felt pressure in her head, nausea and other symptoms frequently claimed by affected neighbors of wind turbines. "I said I'm not sticking around for this because I could leave," she said. Others, she said, weren't so lucky.
8 Feb 2014

A Falmouth veteran battles wind turbines — and health woes

“This is a medical puzzle plopped into the middle of a very political environment,” says Dr. Steven Rauch, a hearing and balance specialist at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and professor of otology and laryngology at Harvard Medical School. “I personally have no doubt that there is a real physiological phenomenon going on and some patients are vulnerable to it,” says Rauch, who has seen two such patients with a plethora of symptoms, but has not treated Funfar. “There’s a lot of science on it, and it’s growing.”
25 Jan 2014

Turbine ruling prompts new Falmouth lawsuit

Despite being dealt a setback in a similar suit last year, the town is again suing its own Zoning Board of Appeals in an attempt to overturn the determination that Falmouth's two municipal turbines are a nuisance. On Dec. 5, the ZBA ruled that the turbines located at the town's wastewater treatment plant were disruptive to Barry and Diane Funfar, who live on Ridgeview Drive.
9 Jan 2014

Concerns continue over Hoosac Wind

Democratic state representative Gailanne Cariddi says she is supportive of a bill that would create a commission to look into the health concerns of those living near turbines. As a result of DEP testing, in November, a judge ordered the town of Falmouth to shut off two turbines it operates during evening hours and on major holidays.
8 Jan 2014

Another win for turbine abutters

Building Commissioner Eladio Gore determined they [the turbines] were not a nuisance, so Funfar appealed that decision to the ZBA. Thursday night, the zoning board unanimously voted to overturn Gore's determination. The ruling means the town is ordered to take whatever steps are necessary to remove the nuisance caused by the turbines.
7 Dec 2013

Falmouth ZBA rules wind turbines are nuisance at Ridgeview Avenue home

The hearing was a continuation of Mr. Funfar’s original appeal filed in September. The turbines, he said, have worsened his pre-existing health issues as well as affected the value of his home and have caused new health issues. ...“Just the history of the assessed value that I see here convinces me that there is a real impact on Mr. Funfar’s property because of the proximity to the turbines,” said board member Kenneth H. Foreman.
6 Dec 2013

Turbines stopped on Sundays

Barnstable Superior Court Judge Christopher J. Muse granted a preliminary injunction Thursday, ordering the town to only operate the 1.65-megawatt turbines at the wastewater treatment facility 12 hours per day, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The turbines will remain idle on Sundays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
23 Nov 2013

Judge orders turbine limits

Although Muse stopped short of turning off the turbines, he did agree that their operation was causing the Andersens and many of their neighbors harm, including "insomnia, headaches, psychological disturbances, dental injuries and other forms of malaise," according to his order. "The court finds there is a substantial risk that the Andersens will suffer irreparable physical and psychological harm if the injunction is not granted."
23 Nov 2013

Judge orders Falmouth to run wind turbines on 12-hour schedule

The preliminary injunction was filed late last night and requires the town to turn off the machines from 7 PM to 7 AM daily. Additionally, Judge Muse’s decision calls on the turbines to be turned off on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. The move follows what was a supposed agreement reached two weeks ago in Barnstable Superior Court between Falmouth’s attorneys and lawyers representing neighbors living near the turbines.
23 Nov 2013

Fairhaven officials mum on new turbine mitigation plan

State noise regulations prohibit any noise source from being more than 10 decibels louder than background noise. Last winter, the DEP's noise testing of the turbines detected five violations. The July proposal allowed for continued testing of the turbines to see whether changing the angle of the blades to slow their spinning could still remain in compliance of state law while maintaining higher levels of power production than turning one turbine off completely.
17 Nov 2013
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