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Open letter to the citizens and voters of the Town of Wellfleet from Selectman Beebe

On March 30, the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Wellfleet voted unanimously to suspend work on the proposed wind turbine project. It grieved me to make the decision and to have to disappoint so many people, especially those members of the Wellfleet Energy Committee (WEC) who gave literally years of their time, effort, and energy to this project. The vote has caused confusion and some controversy. I am writing to clarify why I chose to vote against the project.
13 Apr 2010

Tribe Expecting Cape Wind Approval

The Vineyard's Wampanoag tribe is preparing to mount a legal challenge to the Cape Wind project. In a press release on Monday, the tribe announced it had retained counsel and gave as its reason the fact that the federal Interior Department had declined the tribe's latest request for a meeting.
13 Apr 2010

Cape Wind decision won't be last word

The nine-year battle over whether to build 130 wind turbines in the heart of Nantucket Sound is now in the hands of one man. But whether U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar approves or rejects the plan by Cape Wind Associates LLC as expected this month, his decision will be far from the last word on the project.
10 Apr 2010

U.S. board stands by critical view of Cape Wind

The head of a federal panel tasked with analyzing Cape Wind is defending its work, after a state official said the group overstepped its authority. The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation last week recommended that U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar reject the offshore wind farm because the project's 130 turbines would have a "pervasive, destructive" effect on historic properties.
7 Apr 2010

Against the wind: some promising developments in New England

Over the past few days, there have been two unrelated but promising developments, both in New England, in the debate over wind power. The first was a finding by the federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation that a wind project slated for construction in Massachusetts coastal waters would inflict "pervasive" and "destructive" harm on the seabed and on neighboring historic properties. The second was a decision by the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission prohibiting the purchase of power from eight wind turbines also to be situated in coastal waters.
6 Apr 2010

Blow dealt to Cape Wind project

Opponents of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm scored a key victory yesterday when a federal panel on historic preservation recommended that U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar kill the project. The recommendation from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) is the final piece required in the review of Cape Wind's effects on historic properties, including sites considered sacred by Indian tribes on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.
3 Apr 2010

Federal advisory panel rules against Cape Wind

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation today told U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to reject Cape Wind, the wind farm proposed for Nantucket Sound. The state's top environmental official quickly criticized the ruling, saying the panel overstepped its authority, and the developer voiced disagreement. Opponents of the project called the decision a "great victory."
2 Apr 2010

Council: Feds should dump Mass. wind farm project

A federal council recommended Friday that the secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior reject a proposed wind farm in Nantucket Sound, saying it would have "destructive" effects on dozens of nearby historic properties. ...It also backed claims by two Wampanoag Indian tribes that Cape Wind would interfere with ancient rituals that require an unblocked view of the horizon and could disturb long-submerged tribal burial grounds.
2 Apr 2010

Cape Wind foes hit plans to buy foreign turbines

Opponents of Cape Wind blasted the developers' plan to buy 130 wind turbines from a German company, Siemens Energy Inc., saying the heavily taxpayer-subsidized project should pick a U.S. company, if it is ever approved. "Why are we sending $500 million of our money, that is supposed to stimulate our economy, to Europe?"
1 Apr 2010

Cape Wind announces turbine purchase deal

The developer of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm announced a deal today to buy the project's 130 3.6 megawatt turbines from a German-based wind turbine manufacturer. ...The agreement comes as Cape Wind waits on approval for the project by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who had said he will decide by April whether to permit the wind farm.
31 Mar 2010

Wellfleet selectmen kill turbine plan

Five years of work to build a 400-foot-tall wind turbine on town-owned land overlooking White Crest Beach came to a crashing halt last night as selectmen voted unanimously to kill the project. "I embrace alternative energy and it grieves me to be supporting the end of this project," Selectman Jacqueline Wildes-Beebe said. "There is a lot of risk for too little gain."
31 Mar 2010

Notus Energy plans to erect turbine by end Of summer

In fact, both turbines were originally purchased for the Town of Orleans in 2005 by the Massachusetts Technological Collaborative (MTC) for $5.3 million. While Orleans Town Meeting voters overwhelmingly supported the project, the Orleans Board of Water Commissioners eventually voted not to proceed with the project in 2007.
26 Mar 2010

Harwich's estimated savings from turbines fall steeply

A change in borrowing terms, decommissioning requirements and maintenance costs could dramatically cut the town's estimated savings from two proposed wind turbines in North Harwich. ...He explained that two items had cut significantly into the savings: A decommissioning fund (to pay for the turbines' eventual removal) and a turbine-refurbishing fund (to pay for needed repairs once the equipment reaches a certain age).
26 Mar 2010

Massachusetts tribes aim to take the wind out of a wind farm

The Wampanoag Indians of southeastern Massachusetts welcomed the Pilgrims when they arrived on the Mayflower nearly 400 years ago. But now they're trying to stop another newcomer -- wind turbines. Citing customs and religious practices recorded since the earliest contact with Europeans, two local tribes have blocked, at least for now, America's first planned offshore wind farm and the Obama administration's efforts to promote renewable sources of energy.
26 Mar 2010

Cape Wind nets legal warnings

With less than a month to go before U.S. Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar determines the fate of Cape Wind, the legal saber rattling over the offshore wind turbine project has begun. "We anticipate many years of costly and unproductive litigation," former interim U.S. Sen. Paul Kirk Jr. and U.S. Rep. William Delahunt (D-Quincy) wrote Salazar in a January letter.
26 Mar 2010

Town's financial benefits from wind turbines downgraded

The financial benefit to the town from the construction of two 1.5 megawatt wind turbines will not be as substantial as originally projected. ...Zielinski, who is also Barnstable County Administrator, was before selectmen to present an updated pro forma that reduced the savings for the town from estimates as high as $7.6 million down to $4.2 million over a 15-year period.
25 Mar 2010

Wind turbine issues will be spinning in special town meeting

There is no escaping wind turbine issues, as selectmen approved a 19-article special town meeting warrant for the May 4 session containing four measures relating to location, funding and a sound study of the energy generating structures. One of those articles was filed by petition by North Westgate Road resident Douglas E. Gammon, and it seeks funding to hire an independent firm to conduct a site-specific ambient sound study in the neighborhoods where noise level is expected to be increased by the proposed commercial wind turbines.
24 Mar 2010

Cape at forefront of proposed wind projects

The newest proposals for wind turbines at Massachusetts Military Reservation are among an explosion of new projects on Cape Cod ...Wind turbines proposed in Bourne, Falmouth, Mashpee and other Cape and Islands towns account for more than three-quarters of the 38 Massachusetts wind projects currently under review by the Federal Aviation Administration.
24 Mar 2010
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