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Cape Wind not among NStar’s contracts

Although NStar has met at least once with Cape Wind's developers, it has yet to follow in the footsteps of fellow utility National Grid and make a deal to buy power from the wind power project. Cape Wind is seeking more buyers, and whether NStar is interested has been a matter of increasing speculation.
10 Jul 2010

Work on wind turbine access roads to begin soon

"We still have a lot of work to do, like negotiating the [payment in lieu of taxes] agreement and reviewing plans," said Christine Dobbert, Florida town administrator. "They [the developers] are hoping for a start in September, and we are optimistic that the project will move forward quickly."
10 Jul 2010

Cape Wind's cool move

So how ironic would it be if Massachusetts consumers end up paying higher electric rates because of the Cape Wind project, but Rhode Island gets the lion's share of the jobs? ...There are already a host of reasons to dislike this project - the location, the financing, the cost to consumers. Now we might get one more.
9 Jul 2010

Cape Wind: Made in Rhode Island?

For years, the Patrick administration and Bay State union leaders who backed the Cape Wind power project have touted the nearly 1,000 construction and installation jobs that the developer promised it would create. Now, there's a good chance those jobs will be created in Rhode Island.
8 Jul 2010

Vineyard fishermen sue in U.S. Court to block Cape Wind Associates

Like David against Goliath, the Martha's Vineyard/Dukes County Fishermen's Association and a well-known Menemsha draggerman last week filed a lawsuit in federal court against the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, claiming that the giant wind farm planned by Cape Wind Associates for Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound threatens to put Island fishermen who work the shoal, including squidders and conchers, out of business for good.
2 Jul 2010

Cape Wind president seeks help from CEOs

Cape Wind President Jim Gordon said he would "greatly appreciate" if any NStar customers in the room would get in touch with the utility's CEO, Tom May. Gordon suggested writing a letter asking May to "seriously consider taking the same visionary step that Tom King has taken at National Grid to buy power from Cape Wind."
30 Jun 2010

Group seeks full role at state hearings on Cape Wind; Taking AIM at deal

"We're not buying a package of candy here," said Robert Rio, senior vice president at Associated Industries of Massachusetts, which represents 6,000 Bay State businesses. National Grid's estimated $3 billion deal to buy power from the offshore wind project, he said, "is exactly the kind of contract in which an open process should be encouraged by" the Patrick administration.
28 Jun 2010

Developers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts in regulatory race to build nation's first offshore wind farm

In a quirk of timing, two developers in neighboring states are racing to build the first offshore wind farm in the United States ...Cape Wind Associates in Massachusetts and Deepwater Wind in Rhode Island must both persuade public utilities regulators in their respective states to approve long-term contracts that would allow them to sell power to National Grid.
27 Jun 2010
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