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Charlestown wind turbine to temporarily shut down for repairs

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority's wind turbine at the DeLauri Sewer Pump Station will be shut down in the coming weeks as a concrete ring and new piles are installed around the existing foundation. Workers performing a routine inspection of the turbine in February found that its foundation settled faster than expected, according to the authority.
20 Apr 2012

Reality sinks in for wind project; Turbine shut down for foundation fix

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority honchos and engineers met yesterday to figure out a fix for the $4.7 million wind turbine, which started turning in October, only to power down last month when crews discovered it had settled about 2 inches, agency officials said. Possible causes, they said, include soil conditions and vibrations from a sudden shutdown triggered by high winds.
25 Feb 2012

Dartmouth windmill toppled by storm

DARTMOUTH - One of the many casualties of this weekend's storm was a windmill installed by former state Rep. Mark A. Howland. Arthur Larrivee paid Mr. Howland $16,000 for a windmill and solar panel system for his home at 620 Tucker Road and received everything he asked for: two windmills atop 35-foot-high poles, four solar panels and electrical equipment to convert the power generated into electricity. But on Monday morning, he woke to find that the steel poles of one windmill had snapped clean off about 4 feet above the ground, leaving the windmill lying on the ground. "I honestly couldn't believe it," said Mr. Larrivee, a real estate broker and Republican activist. "It had to be a flaw in the piping."
19 Apr 2007
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