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Winds of concern for turbines' neighbors

There are many other good reasons why 48 proposed wind turbine projects in the state have not been approved. Real estate prices plummet, and the costs of repairing turbines that break down are enormous. Just ask the folks who live in Princeton what they think of the cost-benefit ratio of wind turbines.
18 Aug 2013

Scituate Wind: Sound study delay sparks concerns

Too much time is being lost relative to performing acoustical studies of the Scituate Wind turbine and this has the Scituate Board of Health, among other stakeholders, concerned. During the board's meeting on August 12, board members, along with Scituate Public Health Director, Jennifer Sullivan, discussed the complexities of the testing requirements - wind speed, wind direction, tides, etc., and how the conditions have yet to prove favorable for testing.
15 Aug 2013

Wind industry ignores, makes up the facts

"The 'Kelly paper' is just one of many studies published in the 1980s by acousticians and other researchers working under grants from the DOE, NASA, and others. ... The acoustical conferences, at least in the U.S., all had presentations on wind turbine noise; it was one of the 'hot' topics in the field." The industry response? Ignore or deny the science.
13 Aug 2013

Falmouth eyes wind mitigation funding

The half-day operation also costs the town more to run the turbines than they generate in revenue, and has depleted the $1 million reserve fund built up by their earlier operation. As a result, Suso said, the town has no cushion to pay for an unexpected malfunction or mechanical problem that would take the turbines offline.
13 Aug 2013

Green energy costs raising concerns; Mandates account for 5.4% of monthly bill

The rising cost of green energy mandates in Massachusetts is starting to raise concerns, with one utility estimating the state's renewable energy initiatives currently account for 5.4 percent of a typical customer's monthly bill and are expected to take a much larger share in the next few years. ...The National Grid estimate is the first attempt to assess the cost of the state's green energy initiatives, most of which are more than five years old.
10 Aug 2013

Opposing wind turbine groups form PACs

A PAC can pool campaign contributions from members and use them to promote candidates, ballot initiatives or legislation. Mr. Pottel said the "slogan," Fairhaven Cares stemmed from one the issues involving the wind turbines, that it is important for public officials to care about the concerns of residents and listen to them.
8 Aug 2013

Audubon's turbine plan disturbing

As the permitting process for a wind turbine at Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is about to begin, I still can't connect the dots with regard to common sense here. ...Seems so hypocritical to me since, according to its website, Wellfleet Audubon's woodlands attract a wide variety of wildlife, especially songbirds and shorebirds. But apparently a wind turbine isn't in conflict with nature? Really?
3 Aug 2013

Cape Wind developer decides to skip first auction of offshore wind farm lease

Mark Rodgers, a spokesman for EMI, tells me the firm didn't bid on the offshore leases because its team is completely focused on securing financing for Cape Wind by the end of 2013. The company has made some progress this year in that regard, but it still has a ways to go for a project that will likely exceed $2 billion in cost. Rodgers says EMI will strongly consider other offshore wind areas that could be the subject of future lease auctions.
2 Aug 2013
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