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Cost of energy? It's blowin' in the wind

The Cape Wind project will feature hundreds of turbines off Nantucket Sound, but thousands of ratepayers in Greater Lowell communities will be the ones seeing their energy bills rise. Lowell, Chelmsford, Billerica and Tewksbury are some of the cities and towns where ratepayers will pay more when Cape Wind comes online.
13 Oct 2010

Perry calls Cape Wind 'job killer'

Perry charged Friday that Cape Wind would be a drain on the economy. Electricity for a small grocery store would increase $500 per month if the state Department of Public Utilities gives the wind farm the green light, he said. "That's a job killer," Perry said.
9 Oct 2010

Wind foes power up

"Our goal as an organization is to inform local residents about the realities of industrial wind turbines and the very negative effects they can have on health, safety and our environment," the group's President Sheila K. Bowen of Harwich, said in a statement.
7 Oct 2010

U.S. Int. Secretary signs lease for Cape Wind

Salazar's decision to issue a so-called "record of decision" for the project in April still faces a slew of legal challenges and the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities is in the middle of a review of the project's cost effectiveness. A decision from the state board is expected by November.
6 Oct 2010

Cape wind turbine foes join forces

Local and state governments have been sold a renewable energy source that won't deliver on the promised environmental or economic benefits, Bowen said. "We want to present a fuller picture about wind turbines," Bowen said. "We want both sides to be heard -- not just the side saying it will be wonderful."
4 Oct 2010

Supporters, opponents make final Cape Wind case

"So basically, you're looking at about two-and-a-half times market rates and about double other green projects like land-based wind. This is basically a transfer of wealth from Massachusetts ratepayers to a private developer," Parker said. Robert Rio agrees. He's a senior vice president with Associated Industries of Massachusetts, which represents about 6,000 companies across the state - many of which, he says, would be crippled by higher electric rates if the Cape Wind contract is approved.
29 Sep 2010

High School wind turbine goes up next week

The high school originally proposed a location for the turbine immediately west of Newtown Cemetery off Sparks Avenue and between the baseball field and the football field. Because the Historic District Commission would not support placement so close to the cemetery, the location was changed. Fredericks had wanted the turbine closer to the cemetery to give it an adequate fall zone ...But the commission said the wind turbine would visually affect the historic nature of the cemetery, said Fredericks, so we moved it over about 200 feet closer to the school.
24 Sep 2010

Wind power rules discussed

Concerns for large towers include falling or thrown ice sheets, noise and large enough parcels to prevent collapsing towers from falling onto abutting land. A modern bylaw, however, would have to address new technology and smaller units for use by businesses and residential property owners.
23 Sep 2010

Massachusetts looks westward toward Rhode Island and federal waters for wind plans

"If you extend the buffer out to 12 miles, based on comments coming in, based on our looking at what seems to be a more reasonable distance for pushing projects offshore, it's in the interest of wind energy developers and in our interest in facilitating a renewable energy industry not to introduce the kind of things that cause people not to want these projects near them," he added.
22 Sep 2010

First Wind developers give wind farm details in meeting

Representatives of Boston-based First Wind fielded questions inside Hitchcock Academy Monday night about the turbines they propose erecting atop West Mountain, while a few dozen opponents protested with signs outside. Both sides are expecting their main political battle will come next spring at a Town Meeting when a proposal for a zoning bylaw change that would allow the wind farm to be built will be acted on.
22 Sep 2010

Baker blasts Cape Wind, pushes pension reform

Cape Wind is "unaffordable, inappropriate and the wrong way to go," Baker said. "I don't think the project is a good idea, and I will use whatever means I have to continue my opposition to it." ...Cape Wind will only serve to further hurt small business owners who will see their electric rates rise.
18 Sep 2010
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