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No wind farm for Rehoboth

Town meeting voters Monday shot down a proposal to study the feasibility of creating a town-owned wind farm. Although wind power is an environmentally-friendly energy source and could potentially generate considerable revenue for the town, voters decided that putting a wind farm on the land near the Almeida Farm on Interstate 195 could pose a danger to the wetlands on the 22-acre parcel. John Ferreira, who donated the land to the town for conservation use, spoke against the proposed wind farm.
30 Apr 2007

Windmill project still a go for now, but the clock ticks

HANCOCK - Building inspector William Palmer Jr. said Friday he will accommodate the developmental delays of the Berkshire Wind Project, but only to a point. Palmer said he has issued several permits and extensions to Distributed Generation Systems Inc. since 2000 for 10 planned wind turbines on Brodie Mountain. In that time, contractors have dug five turbine foundations, he said. The latest six-month extension technically expires on June 15, and the project has been halted by a legal suit from the nearby Snowy Owl resort, whose owner, Silverleaf Resorts Inc. claims that construction cut trees from a portion of its land and that some of the turbines would mar the "viewscape" of a planned time share development.
24 Mar 2007

Danger of wind farms seen minor

A draft report released Friday by the federal agency overseeing the Cape Wind proposal said that wind farms built in appropriate locations will have ''negligible to minor" effects on the environment. ''We believe the statement is correct and that the experience with offshore wind, the successful European experience with offshore wind, shows that," said Mark Rodgers, a spokesman for Cape Wind, the company behind the proposal to erect 130 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound. Charles Vinick, president and CEO of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, which opposes the project, said the impact of a properly sited wind farm may, indeed, be minimal. But he argued that Nantucket Sound is an inappropriate site for the project, citing concerns about marine habitat, disruption of commercial fishing and hazards to navigation.
21 Mar 2007

Out on the horizon a future run aground

Ford Motor Co. didn’t increase the size of the Edsel. Coca-Cola didn’t repackage “new Coke” in larger bottles. A bad idea doesn’t get any better by making it bigger. But a group that wants to construct 130 giant wind turbines in Nantucket Sound off Cape Cod apparently doesn’t feel that way. Cape Wind Associates had proposed a bad plan, looking to build the nation’s first offshore “wind farm” in the pristine waters off the Cape. Now they are proposing that the monstrous windmills be made even taller - rising fully 440 feet above sea level when the blades are at their highest point. By way of a bit of perspective, the Statue of Liberty, from the ground to the top of her torch, stands at 305 feet.
17 Oct 2006

Wind turbines don't make good neighbors

Researched and written by Eleanor Tillinghast of Green Berkshires Inc. this is a comprehensive study of the probable impact of industrial wind plants on the rural character, quality-of-life and economy of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. Specific issues addressed include visual aesthetics, tourism, property values, public roads and public safety.
14 May 2004
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