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Fearing drastic losses, fishermen dodge legal traps in Cape Wind fight

It seems, on its face, a ludicrous mismatch. On the one side, the legal might of the United States Coast Guard and Department of the Interior, and on the other a small bunch of fishermen ...But the Martha's Vineyard/Dukes County Fishermen's Association is utterly determined to take on the federal government over the plan to turn over the rich fishing grounds of Horseshoe Shoal to Cape Wind's proposed wind farm.
10 Dec 2010

Turbine plan draws few foes

While wind turbine proposals often meet with stiff opposition from abutters in their targeted host communities, a 410-foot turbine planned for Cohasset's Turkey Hill appears to have drawn little criticism, and proponents predict blades should be whirring in the production of green energy by this time next year.
5 Dec 2010

Turbine plan withdrawn - for now

Jim Sweeney, president of Sustainable New Energy, the applicant for the project, says he’s requesting the project be withdrawn for the time being while a modification of the plan is crafted. The plan has drawn heated opposition from neighbors and abutters who say the turbines would be an eyesore.
4 Dec 2010

Mixed grades

Not all the grades are in. Bowles may believe his work is done, but the effects of several initiatives are far from clear, so it would be premature to praise the outgoing secretary for his efforts. The most obvious example, of course, is Cape Wind. Gov. Patrick made the project a symbol of his energy policy ...Bowles was at the tip of the spear as the Patrick administration prodded the ill-conceived wind farm through the remaining regulatory hurdles.
4 Dec 2010

California activist group enters Cape Wind fray

The 51-page complaint filed Wednesday asks the federal agency to set aside an order issued last month by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities approving an agreement between Cape Wind and National Grid for half of the project's power. Among a list of wide-ranging and, at times, disjointed claims, the group argues the deal constitutes "electric energy market manipulation" and violates the Federal Power Act.
4 Dec 2010

A better vision

For many, wind energy here translates into the long, continuing battle over a 130-turbine wind farm proposed for Nantucket Sound. But more turbines are planned on land and potentially for additional offshore sites. And for Cape Codders who are not yet aware of this - or of the ramifications for families, homeowners and communities - the assembly's action is a welcome second chance to get up to speed and have a voice in whether turbines will continue to sprout up all over the Cape.
30 Nov 2010

Berkshires wind project hit with project delay fees

Fitch Ratings reported that the bonds include $3 million that resulted from the delay in construction, which occurred when work was forced to shut down response to a lawsuit by a condominium developer, Silverleaf Resorts, that wanted to build a project nearby. The suit, over the special permit for the access road, had been filed prior to the start of construction.
30 Nov 2010

Turbines' financial flicker

There are five proposed sites in Plymouth right now; do you know where they are? Panicked citizens are waking up at the 11th hour to the realization that they may soon have one (or several) of these monstrous machines looming over their neighborhood. Lawyers and engineers are minimizing concerns.
28 Nov 2010

Once-mighty wind farm foe falls into debt; Economy, lengthy battle sap fund-raising haul

Parker also noted that the alliance slashed spending by nearly half last year - from $3.2 million to $1.7 million - and pledged that the organization will continue to fight the Cape Wind proposal in state and federal courts. "We are managing the organization to be in business for the long term and ultimately stop not only the destruction of the sound, but the exorbitant burden that would be put on Massachusetts ratepayers,'' she said.
26 Nov 2010

Piney Point residents opposed to potential wind turbine

The proposed location is near the water tower at the top of Great Hill. This location is within 1,750 feet of places in Wings Cove in an area where people boat, swim, clam, fish and kayak. It is also within 3,000 feet of many houses on Piney Point and within less than 5,000 feet of most Piney Point and Delano Road residences.
26 Nov 2010

Squaring the circle

Let's face it, Beacon Hill made National Grid and other utilities an offer they couldn't refuse, Cape Wind investors secured a suitor for their astonishingly high-cost product and Patrick has polished his credentials with the environmental set. Meanwhile the ratepayers are left holding one mighty expensive bag.
24 Nov 2010

Visit to Vinalhaven wind turbines leaves questions

The Island group's consensus was that their visit was too short to make any definitive judgments about Vinalhaven's wind turbine noise, which varies from day to day. The tour did, however, leave them with a new awareness of how subjective the noise debate is and how it might influence zoning bylaws for wind energy development on Martha's Vineyard.
23 Nov 2010

Cape Wind foe's funding takes hit

As the battle over Cape Wind enters its final stages, donations to the project's primary opposition group have declined, according to federal tax documents filed this week. Donors gave about $1.5 million to the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound last year, compared with roughly $2.9 million in 2008, according to the documents.
20 Nov 2010
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