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Regulators: Utility mergers must benefit environment

The decision Thursday by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities is seen as a boon for the Cape Wind project because it puts increased pressure on utilities seeking mergers to purchase energy from renewable sources like wind and solar power. Cape Wind, the nation's first offshore wind farm, is still trying to find a buyer for half its power.
10 Mar 2011

Windstill - The windmill that doesn't seem to churn

The electricity-generating machine doesn't appear to be working, and from what we gather, it never really had many days of operation. It's been sitting idle for the better part of two years ...It was the way of the future, and the state invested heavily in the windmill, but apparently didn't see the need to make sure that the investment actually reaped any dividends.
9 Mar 2011

Turbine shutdown could cost town $173,000

Last week, selectmen unanimously voted to shut down the municipal 1.65-megawatt turbine, known as Wind I, when wind speeds hit 23 mph. The board discussed the issue after approximately a dozen residents who live near the turbine complained about adverse health effects.
8 Mar 2011

Brewster's indecision on turbine may spur lawsuit

The three votes to deny the permit effectively resulted in a hung jury, and the board adjourned without taking a definitive vote either way. "The appeal is over an inability to go forward." The objectors cited health concerns from noise and shadows and also the aesthetics of size, as both 1.65-megawatt turbines would be 410 feet high measured to the topmost blade tip.
8 Mar 2011

Cape Wind deal with National Grid draws fire

The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound filed a motion Tuesday with the state Department of Public Utilities to have the agency re-open its review of the agreement after a recent announcement that NStar was able to secure lower priced power from land-based renewable energy projects, according to an Alliance press release.
4 Mar 2011

Wind farm plan nixed in Brimfield

"West Mountain was not the place for eight to 10 wind turbines, and I'm happy that they're leaving. I'm calling everybody that I can think of," Selectman Diane M. Panaccione said. First Wind issued a statement on Thursday about the decision, saying that there is not enough wind at the site to support a wind farm. The company had proposed installing eight to 10 wind turbines to generate electricity.
4 Mar 2011

Cape Wind airs emergency plans

Despite the plan's release, Cape Cod fire officials are still waiting for information on what role they might play in an emergency. ...The turbines - which will carry 90 gallons of hydraulic oil, 220 gallons of gear oil and 370 gallons of transformer oil - have similar storage areas to contain a leak, according to the plan.
4 Mar 2011

Bourne wind farm developer faces stiffer resistance

On Tuesday, the project's partners removed plans for seven wind turbines in Bournedale from consideration by the Cape Cod Commission and the town's planning board. They plan to refile soon. But with a town meeting article to amend Bourne's wind turbine bylaws on the agenda for May and new turbine regulations proposed at the county level, the project's second chance could face challenges.
4 Mar 2011

Falmouth dials down municipal turbine

Selectmen unanimously approved the partial shutdown in an unexpected late-night move Monday. The turbine wasn't on the meeting's agenda and the town's attorney recommended against discussing the issue. The turbine, known as Wind I, will be turned off when winds exceed 10 meters per second, or about 23 mph, as a way to lessen the alleged health impacts on neighbors.
2 Mar 2011

Cape Wind plan draws fire

Salazar approved the project in April. Since that time, new information has become available on the cost of the project's power, the size of the leasing area and potential mitigations including possible restrictions to air space, Parker said. The project's proposed base of construction operations has also been moved from Rhode Island to New Bedford.
1 Mar 2011

Turbine bylaw changes might kill Bournedale wind farm plan

The town's revised wind energy conversion bylaw has never been applied to a proposal. Before its revision, however, the planning board used it to reject a turbine proposal for homeowners in Pocasset. The town was upheld upon a court appeal. The citizen petition article seeks an amendment to the bylaw in areas of height restrictions, setbacks, noise and shadow flicker.
28 Feb 2011

Deadline delayed for leases on wind farms Off Vineyard

Wind, tides and sun are intense subjects for discussion on the Island these days and it's not all talk about the weather. Alternative energy projects are under way on so many fronts, both private and public, that it is sometimes hard to keep track of them all. But the Vineyard is moving ahead on three projects independently to generate electricity for its own needs, beginning with wind farms.
25 Feb 2011

Turkey Hill turbine approved with conditions

The board spent about three hours on Wednesday discussing the conditions ranging from monitoring shadow flicker and sound post-construction to putting up a barrier around the turbine in the winter to ensuring there is money to remove the turbine at the end of its useful life. Despite the Planning Board's effort to place conditions on the project, members said it was almost assured the project would be appealed.
25 Feb 2011
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