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Coast Guard pledges 'just the facts' approach

Michael Sollosi, chief of the United States Coast Guard's Office of Navigational Systems, understands that, to many, the question of whether to build a wind farm in Nantucket Sound can be highly emotional. He also understands that, to many, the question can be highly political. But for the Coast Guard, said Sollosi, the question is simply a practical one: What's best for Nantucket Sound and those who sail its waters?
1 Sep 2006

Lt. Gov. Urges Coast Guard To Reject Plan

"This project is not about clean air or reducing emissions or even generating more power. It is about buckling in to the special interests and allowing a private developer to take ocean resources for their own profit," Healey said. Healey took aim at the two Democratic candidates, Deval Patrick and Chris Gabrieli, accusing them of giving dishonest information to the voters about the project. "The point here is that Deval Patrick and Chris Gabrieli don't have the courage to admit that this project is more damaging to the economy here on the Cape and the ecology on the Cape than it is good for the environment," Healey said.
1 Sep 2006

New energy sources urged - Wind farm is one ‘green’ idea

District 2 Councilor Philip P. Palmieri and District 3 Councilor Paul P. Clancy Jr. co-sponsored an order requesting City Manager Michael V. O’Brien to consider the feasibility of establishing a wind farm on city-owned property, such as at a reservoir, watershed property or Worcester Regional Airport, as a way to help offset rising municipal energy costs.
31 Aug 2006

Norwood ponders alternative power

NORWOOD -- A committee guiding the town on finding an electricity provider is also interested in energy alternatives to highly polluting fossil fuels. The Future Electrical Power Supply Needs Committee’s main charge is to determine the town’s best option when its electrical power contract expires in 2008. As part of that effort, the committee is also exploring alternative energy sources.
30 Aug 2006

Wind storm dies down

The Zoning Board of Appeals Thursday night unanimously upheld second-generation farmer Glenn Cook’s permit to install three small-scale turbines on the 145-acre Fern Avenue farm........ Building Inspector Dennis Nadeau said he stood by his initial approval of the project. “Farm equipment is exempt from most zoning regulations,” he said, suggesting that the wind turbines fall under the category of equipment rather than property. “There have been windmills on farms for years.”
26 Aug 2006

Savoy bylaw making wind project uneasy

SAVOY — A wind turbine bylaw proposal has planners of the Minuteman Wind project concerned. The company has proposed five 420-foot wind turbines for West Hill on a 293-acre parcel owned by Diane and Harold Malloy, who run a logging operation there. "We think that the current bylaw they (town officials) are considering is very restrictive and overly complicated. We would like to go into discussions with the Planning Board about the bylaw, and we are preparing some detailed comments," said Minuteman Wind LLC President Donald McCauley.
24 Aug 2006

Wind farm developer to seek help in Legislature; Cashman to pursue bill to clarify law to make sure turbine project is allowed

Construction in the bay is tightly restricted by a state law governing ocean sanctuaries because the bay is within a state-designated zone known as the Cape and Islands Ocean Sanctuary. But the state law is unclear: One section doesn’t allow for any structures to be built on the seabed or for offshore power plants in such sanctuaries, while another section appears to make an exception for energy generation, distribution and transmission projects.
22 Aug 2006

Wind could shift in Buzzards Bay

The phrase ''not permittable'' is typically the last thing a developer wants to hear. But that's exactly what the state environmental office has called Boston construction magnate Jay Cashman's proposal to build a 120-turbine offshore wind farm in three clustered Buzzards Bay sites. If Cashman wants to pursue his renewable energy plan, he ''proceeds at the risk of denial'' because the sites fall within the Cape and Islands Ocean Sanctuary, according to a certificate written by former Secretary of Environmental Affairs Stephen Pritchard that lays out the state's scope of review over the project.
22 Aug 2006

Wood-burning plants gain power

``The problem we're having with all these wind farms is . . . they're proposing to put them in all the worst places," said Thomas W. French , assistant director of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. ``If they could do what the Russell Biomass plant did, which is to find a preexisting, historical industrial district, we'd be applauding them." As part of the ongoing state permitting process for the plant, French's division worked with its developers to reroute proposed power lines to reduce their impact on wildlife.
6 Aug 2006

Turbine Bylaw Heads To Hearing

The Bourne Planning Board is looking for public input on how best to allow town residents and businesses to reasonably and safely harness wind power, something the rising cost of energy has made increasingly attractive. The board will host a public hearing Thursday at 7 PM at the Bourne Veterans Memorial Community Center on Main Street in Buzzards Bay to discuss the board’s proposed “wind energy conversion systems,” or wind turbine bylaw.
5 Aug 2006

Managing the coastline

Backers of the bill say that it would not place any restrictions on the Cape Wind proposal for a wind farm in Nantucket Sound. The Cape Wind turbines are beyond the 3 miles under state jurisdiction, and the underwater connecting cable of the project, which has received approval from the state Energy Facilities Siting Board, is grandfathered under the terms of the bill. The proposed wind farm for Buzzards Bay would, however, be subject to the management plan if the plan is in place before the project's developer completes certain regulatory steps.
6 Jul 2006
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