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Troy's Take: When the irrational becomes the absurd

We have turbines that lose money and a burgeoning legal budget that self-perpetuates with ongoing litigation that includes the town suing itself and its citizens. The town claims that it would, however, be too costly to simply stop the bleeding and dismantle the turbines. I have yet to see an official breakdown of these costs, and since the town still refuses to embrace transparency and actually post a copy of the town’s budget on its website, it is impossible to assess and understand any financial impacts.
30 Oct 2015

Planning board opposes turbine bylaw amendment

If approved, the amendment would allow town government the “special treatment” of exempting itself from its own bylaws, Ms. Kerfoot said. She and Mr. Brown agreed that the town should not be allowed that type of treatment. Mr. Herbst made a motion to recommend indefinite postponement on the article. The vote passed unanimously.
30 Oct 2015

A stormy forum on wind turbine placement

Turbines have been out the headlines for a couple of years now but there still on the minds of state officials and the Department of Public Utilities has been inquiring into the best practices for land based wind turbines since Oct. 31. They held a hearing at Cape Cod Community College last Thursday (Feb. 4), to seek input on the guidance they hope to provide local officials.
14 Feb 2014

Wind siting debate returning in the spring

As for the DPU taking control, Karns worries about putting permitting under their control because of the department's "formal" nature. Karns said the DPU typically permits large energy plants or pipelines and opposing a process in that arena could become expensive for small municipalities or advocacy groups.
4 Dec 2013

More time for public's wind-siting comments

Lilli-Ann Green, of Wellfleet, a member of Wind Wise-Massachusetts, wrote in an email that the group, which opposes the state's wind-energy policies, had asked for the extension to allow enough time for residents and experts to comment on the potential siting guidelines. The best practices developed through the process will not be regulations but would be offered to towns to use in existing reviews of wind-energy projects, according to state officials.
27 Nov 2013

PLYMOUTH ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS: Wind turbine permit denied

David Paliotti, an attorney representing Algonquin Heights, which is within 600 feet of the proposed turbine, said the turbine would cause his client's property value to plummet, could cause serious health problems and would also be an eyesore. Kerry Kearney, who serves on the town's Energy Committee, said the proposal is "the worst wind turbine site in the state."
13 Sep 2013

Plymouth Planning Board OKs one more continuance for DEP input on Stop & Shop turbine

Wind turbine proposals haven’t had the warmest reception in Plymouth, and this one is no exception. Attorney David Paliotti, who represents Algonquin Heights, the residential area closest to the proposed turbine, contends that it will exceed the sound limit guidelines, cause health problems, blight the landscape, and cause property values to nosedive. The Stop & Shop turbine would be located approximately 600 feet from the Algonquin Heights apartment complex.
8 Jun 2013
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