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Florida Court allows wind farm; Opponents rejected in their challenge to 20-turbine project

Developers of a $45 million, 30-megawatt wind farm are free to move ahead with construction following a ruling in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday in favor of the project's wetland permit. ..."We are obviously disappointed, but the court has made its final decision," said Eleanor Tillinghast, executive director of Green Berkshires.
7 Jul 2010

Moon Island wind turbine proposal draws questions from residents

More than 75 Quincy residents gathered at Squantum Elementary School on Monday to question officials about a wind turbine ..."I'm a total believer in wind power, but at what point does solving one environmental issue create another?" said Steve Kolander of Squantum, adding he would prefer several smaller turbines with less of a visual impact on the island.
25 May 2010

Wind farm in South Plymouth draws negative response from neighbors

Plans for a wind farm on Head of the Bay Road are creating turbulence in South Plymouth with the landowner and neighbors at odds over the impact on their quality of life. After nearly four hours of presentations and discussion, the Planning Board decided to continue Monday's discussion of the request for a special permit for the wind farm and wind energy facility until next Monday night.
5 May 2010

Cape Wind farm suers line up

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's approval of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm this week prompted a wave of legal threats from opponents who argue the decision violates the Endangered Species Act and other laws. One possible suit even contends the project could hurt endangered right whales. That suit, however, is only one of several possible challenges to the plan by Cape Wind Associates to build 130 wind turbines in the Sound.
30 Apr 2010

Wind backers and foes traveled long, hard path

There was elation and dejection on the Cape yesterday over Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar's approval of the Cape Wind project. But there was also some consensus - a rare thing for this controversial proposal - that the road to federal approval was long and hard. That was especially true among people who have been part of the debate from the beginning.
29 Apr 2010

How the wind blows in Vinalhaven

Mr. Hall said General Electric told residents that from 1,000 feet away, the wind turbine noise would sound like a quiet conversation taking place in a living room. Instead, he described the turbines' sound as a "palpable experience," with rhythmic pulsations he can feel thumping in his chest as the blades turn. Other people interviewed in the film clips likened the turbines' whooshing sound to a jet airplane heard off in the distance.
29 Apr 2010

Coalition of stakeholder groups announce Cape Wind lawsuits

Lawsuits will be filed on behalf of a coalition of environmental groups - including the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, Three Bays Preservation, Animal Welfare Institute, Industrial Wind Action Group, Californians for Renewable Energy, Oceans Public Trust Initiative (a project of the International Marine Mammal Project of the Earth Land Institute), Lower Laguna Madre Foundation - against the federal Fish and Wildlife Service and Minerals Management Service for violations of the Endangered Species Act. ..."It is a shame that the Obama Administration chose political expediency over developing a project in an environmentally responsible place that can actually be built," said Parker.
28 Apr 2010

Residents try to beat down North Harwich wind turbines

A boisterous crowd of residents came to the community center on Saturday charging town officials are trying to use "a shoehorn" to place two commercial wind turbines on public lands surrounding their neighborhoods in North Harwich. Many of the nearly 200 people attending a wind turbine information forum sponsored by town officials raised objections to the proposal.
21 Apr 2010

The meaning of a wind turbine reversal

At the time it seemed clearly the right thing for a progressive little town to do in these times of concern over climate change, especially if it makes the town a bunch of money. ...So what's changed? A persistent group of opponents, mostly nonresidents, seem to have been successful in reminding us that some land is better used when not used at all in the practical sense. That sometimes aesthetic and recreational value trumps even a virtuous, green use
20 Apr 2010

Cape Wind rejection recommended

A federal agency on historic preservation has recommended that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar reject a proposed massive wind energy project in Nantucket Sound - an area that is sacred to the Wampanoag nations and qualifies for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. On April 2, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation issued a seven-page report of its findings and recommendation to deny permits to Cape Wind Associates to construct a wind energy plant.
12 Apr 2010

Nantucket Sound should be protected

We are in desperate times economically, but we must not allow ourselves to be pushed by fear into destructive measures just to satisfy what appear to be fashionable, so-called must-do projects. Remember, wind can only be a supplementary solution, and, on an industrial scale, would not be feasible without huge taxpayer subsidies.
12 Apr 2010

Historic sites watchdog urges refusal for Cape Wind

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar should not grant permission to the Cape Wind Offshore wind project proposed for Nantucket Sound, off the coast of Massachusetts, a federal agency said on Friday. The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation published its formal advice to the Department of the Interior stating that in its opinion, Secretary Salazar should not approve the project.
5 Apr 2010

The Sound: A precious place

The project, which, if approved, would lead to the construction of 130 wind turbines, each 440 feet high, on Horseshoe Shoal, has been the subject of controversy for a decade on the Cape - and last week's meeting was no exception. At first, I felt paralyzed by what seemed to me the truly surreal nature of the endeavor. Here we all were, sitting in a big room on a rainy Cape afternoon, practicing the human audacity of imagining the future of the sea and trying to argue for one destiny over another, as though we own or control it.
28 Mar 2010

Cape Wind: State official says it would harm the area

State historical preservation officer Brona Simon spoke out against the Cape Wind turbine project proposed for Nantucket Sound during a hearing in Barnstable on Monday. She noted that the project is 24 to 25 square miles. "You can see the concern we have with the adverse effects of the proposal," she said. "The visual element will alter the setting outside the character of the historic properties."
24 Mar 2010

State preservation chief cites wind farm impact

The state's top historic preservation official told a federal panel yesterday that the impact of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm on Native American and other historic sites is "unparalleled'' in the state's history. It was Brona Simon's first public remarks on the Cape Wind project since issuing a formal opinion in November that Nantucket Sound should be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
23 Mar 2010

Feds hear closing comments on Cape Wind

The proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm will either make history or destroy it, according to speakers at what could be the last public hearing on the project. Barring a lawsuit sending the project back for more review, yesterday's hearing at Cape Cod Community College's Tilden Arts Center marked the final opportunity for opponents and supporters to be heard on the plan by Cape Wind Associates LLC.
23 Mar 2010
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