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Lawmakers seek greater role for wind power

Still, the projects face myriad federal and state regulatory hurdles, as well as opposition from business groups and power generators who strongly oppose government carve-outs and subsidies for clean energy. Likewise, wind farm projects in New York and Maine face opposition from those unhappy that the intrusive developments are benefiting other states.
1 May 2016

Hydro power needed to meet state’s 2020 carbon goal

For those inclined to see the glass half full, Massachusetts has made enormous strides in reducing its carbon emissions. Coal-fired plants, the worst offenders, are dying out across the Commonwealth. Investments in energy efficiency have lowered demand. The solar panels sprouting up along the Massachusetts Turnpike are only the most visible of the new generation of green technologies feeding power into homes and businesses.
25 Apr 2016

Market Policies, Emissions Goals on Collision Course in New England

Backers of gas generation countered that renewables are benefiting from government-backed subsidies and long-term contracts that threaten to reintroduce government-mandated integrated resource planning. ...state policies are giving renewables undue advantage and undermining conventional generators’ investments in the market.
21 Mar 2016

Massachusetts plan could spur hydro imports to New England

"Subsidizing an overdependence on one foreign government-owned source of electricity will lead to lost jobs and soaring energy bills for decades to come," said Dan Dolan, the group's president....Hydro-Quebec would use increased U.S. exports to subsidize lower prices for its provincial customers, in turn costing New England ratepayers an estimated $20 billion over 25 years.
7 Feb 2016

Solar without subsidy?

The issue pits utilities like National Grid and Eversource Energy – who must reimburse solar system owners at the higher retail rate vs. the lower wholesale rate for their excess power – against those in the solar industry – particularly installers, manufacturers, consumers and environmental advocates – who believe solar's success is dependent on continued government programs.
18 Jan 2016

Southern New England states work together to request renewable energy proposals

Companies designing projects to bring clean electricity to southern New England say they’re grateful Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island have finally made a request for proposals to carry that power to the region. But meeting the region’s longer-term goal of expanding the use of renewable electricity from wind, solar and hydroelectricity will require more transmission capacity than the states requested, said Edward Krapels, the CEO of Anbaric Transmission, which is proposing one project in Maine and another Vermont.
24 Nov 2015

ISO New England eyes solar, wind, gas in low growth, energy efficiency focused next decade

Washington -- Aggressive energy efficiency efforts and new distributed generation capacity -- virtually all of it in the form of solar projects -- are combining to put a lid on growth in peak demand and electric use in New England, ISO New England said in its newly released 2015 Regional System Plan.
9 Nov 2015

Baker says state is at energy crossroads

Baker told the Legislature’s Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy that he has two energy priorities: meeting the state’s emission reduction targets and reducing the price of electricity. He wants lawmakers to pass a law allowing the state’s electric utilities to run a competitive solicitation for 1,200 to 2,400 megawatts of power — most likely hydroelectricity from Canada, possibly with a component of onshore wind power.
29 Sep 2015

Mass. Governor proposes hydropower imports to ‘stabilize’ electricity rates

The legislation is intended to ensure that about 1,200 MWs of hydroelectric power is delivered to Massachusetts, so that the Commonwealth can meet the greenhouse gas emissions goals – a reduction of 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2020, and a reduction of 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050 – that are a pivotal part of the GWSA, passed in 2008.
15 Jul 2015

Hearings unknown on Haddad, Cabral wind power bills as governor seeks hydro option

With the 2016 state budget through the Legislature and Gov. Charlie Baker filing a hydropower-focused bill last week, Beacon Hill seems poised to talk about energy legislation, but wind energy proposals that could boost business at New Bedford’s Marine Commerce Terminal still might not be heard until after Labor Day, a Taunton senator said Monday.
14 Jul 2015

Cape Wind Is Dead! (U.S. offshore wind stuck at zero)

Cape Wind was the wrong project, at the wrong time, and the wrong place. It was too big and costly. Its impacts were poorly mitigated and its benefits highly questionable. In the end, it was the regulatory arrogance of the Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and the Obama Administrations that did the most harm. A lot of people were offended and willing to stand up to the abuses. Remember, it was Massachusetts’ spirit that triggered the Revolutionary War.
13 Jan 2015

Patrick makes a push to help hydropower

NStar parent company Northeast Utilities is already opposing the new rules ...saying the proposal would lead to a substantial increase in electricity bills. The new clean-energy standard duplicates several existing programs — the renewable energy credits and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, among others — that are adding $573 million to ratepayers’ energy costs in the state this year. In 2018, the extra costs could rise to as much as $1.1 billion.
10 Dec 2014
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