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Wind plan gathers steam

FALL RIVER - A recently completed study indicates the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant on Bay Street may be an optimal site for a wind turbine that could drastically reduce the electrical bill associated with the site. Officials with the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative reported their initial findings to the City Council Tuesday night, and are recommending that city leaders take advantage of a grant that will pay for a more extensive feasibility study.
30 Sep 2006

No windmills coming to Swampscott

There won’t be any wind energy generated in Swampscott, at least not in the foreseeable future. The town’s density makes it impossible to locate a wind turbine tower anywhere here because of state regulations that prohibit the towers anywhere in the commonwealth within 1,000 feet of a residence, Tara Gallagher of the Swampscott Renewable Energy Committee informed selectmen last week. If there’s any such place in town, it’s not high enough to be workable, she added later in an interview.
28 Sep 2006

What's in a word? Bad news for Bourne

Last week, Guerino had to pull another article from the warrant because of a miscommunication between planning officials and his staff. Planning officials have been working on a wind energy bylaw since June that aims to regulate the installation of commercial and residential wind turbines. Although the new bylaw was received and placed on the warrant, the bylaw amendments accompanying it were lost in paperwork at town hall. Because both the new bylaw and the amendments need to be approved collectively, the whole issue was tabled until May's town meeting.
27 Sep 2006

Land dispute puts monastery on hold

PAXTON— Eleven months ago, Brother Dennis-Anthony Wyrzykowski of Worcester believed he was standing at the edge of a miracle. The small Catholic Teresian Carmelite community he leads was about to buy 99 acres of wooded wetland hill for a monastery. The three-member Teresian Carmelite community planned to move from its monastery on Chrome Street in Worcester to the hill at 107 Asnebumskit Road and fulfill a mission of prayer and contemplation while providing a place of solace for the public. Brother Wyrzykowski also believed his religious order would help the poor by allowing wind turbines to be built on the site as a clean source of electricity for low-income families. Now, plans to buy the land and build the retreat are suspended. And in a development unrelated to the contractual conditions of the sale, plans by the town of Paxton to build wind turbines there to create electricity have been dropped because Federal Aviation Administration height restrictions make it unfeasible.
23 Sep 2006

Hull tilts toward more turbines: Town wants to put 4 windmills 2 miles offshore

HULL - Hull’s two power-generating windmills could be getting some company as soon as 2008. The town’s municipal light department wants to build four wind turbines about two miles offshore. Town meeting will have the final say on the proposal. But the project recently passed one hurdle, according to John MacLeod, who until retiring recently was operations manager of the municipal lighting plant. MacLeod, who is now a consultant, said the Massachusetts Technical Collaborative has approved, in principle, spending $1.7 million on planning.
19 Sep 2006

Yarmouth to revisit wind power bylaw

Committee members worked with the planning board and looked at bylaws in Fairhaven, Harwich and Orleans. They were also wary of possible disputes like the one in Sandwich over residential wind turbines and ''wanted to be more restrictive rather than opening the floodgates,'' Braginton-Smith said. Sections of the bylaw addressed height restrictions, setbacks and noise generated by the turbines. It also addressed flicker, the visual effect of the moving turbine blades on the light from the sun. Despite a nod toward the hard work of the energy committee, Snowden moved to indefinitely postpone a vote on the bylaw article.
18 Sep 2006

Cape compact shelves position

BARNSTABLE - Wary of giving the slightest appearance of a Cape Wind endorsement, the Cape Light Compact governing board this week tabled a resolution supporting renewable energy. The governing board, made up of appointees from all 21 towns on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard, has resisted taking a formal position on the offshore wind farm proposed for Nantucket Sound despite lobbying efforts by the project's supporters - including Cape Wind developer Jim Gordon - and opponents.
15 Sep 2006

Wind turbine review not on warrant

A Bourne bylaw fashioned this summer to regulate construction of wind turbines in residential settings will not be included in the Oct. 3 Special Town Meeting warrant. Selectmen signed the warrant this week before the turbine proposal, created by the planning board with help from planner Philip Herr, could be sent to Town Counsel Robert Troy for review. The proposed bylaw was initiated to preclude a rash of wind turbine projects being proposed in neighborhoods without regulatory oversight.
14 Sep 2006

Energy: Making it local

As the population grows, so do demands on goods, services and food production. And underlying all of these is a growing need for energy. Can our current energy infrastructure handle the load? Mark Price, the New England regional Energy Star outreach manager for Conservation Services Group, doesn't think so. "In 25 to 50 years we aren't going to be able to sustain centralized energy generation and distribution," he said. In the future, there will need to be more locally generated energy, he said, such as from wind farms or photovoltaic farms.
8 Sep 2006

Tidal Project Draws Widespread Critics

The National Marine Fisheries Service has raised a cautionary flag about a tidal hydroelectric power project proposed for Vineyard Sound. "The tidal energy project proposed under this application represents novel technology with the potential for significant adverse effects to all marine resources that utilize Vineyard Sound for spawning, rearing and migration, including finfish and marine mammals," wrote Mary A. Colligan, assistant regional administrator for protected resources, in a July 18 letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
8 Sep 2006

Coast Guard pledges 'just the facts' approach

Michael Sollosi, chief of the United States Coast Guard's Office of Navigational Systems, understands that, to many, the question of whether to build a wind farm in Nantucket Sound can be highly emotional. He also understands that, to many, the question can be highly political. But for the Coast Guard, said Sollosi, the question is simply a practical one: What's best for Nantucket Sound and those who sail its waters?
1 Sep 2006
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