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Towns weigh pros and cons of building wind turbines

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick wants to install 2 thousand megawatts of wind energy by 2020. The plan includes a bill that would make the permitting process for building wind turbines easier. Though, as our Brandon Walker explains, weighing the pros and cons of installing turbines has been a challenge for towns in Berkshire County.
18 Nov 2011

Ipswich Town Meeting gives green light to wind turbine proposal

The project has proved controversial in town. Last night, people stood at the doors of Ipswich High School, passing out fliers in favor and against the turbine project to those headed into the meeting. ...Several people spoke in favor of delaying a Town Meeting vote saying the public does not have enough information, including specific financial figures on how much the town would pay for the power it produces.
15 Nov 2011

Ipswich turbine project 'up in the air'

Residents will now be asked to vote simply on whether the town wants to get involved in a second wind turbine period, but not necessarily one proposed by D & C. The Board of Selectmen will convene an informational meeting on the turbine 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, in Town Hall.
9 Nov 2011

Debate over turbine safety splits voters

Debate over a nonbinding article that would ask selectmen to shut down the town's municipal wind turbines went late into the night Monday as proponents argued the turbines jeopardize abutters' health while opponents said the act could prove financially disastrous.
8 Nov 2011

Sounding warning on wind power

The proposed act, not yet approved by state lawmakers, would give wind-energy developers the option of using existing procedures or fast-tracking projects to a local permitting board made up of conservation commission, planning board and zoning board representatives. Appeals would be streamlined to avoid lengthy court battles.
6 Nov 2011

Ill wind blowing for Bournedale turbine project

Members determined that the project had more probable detriments - such as negative effects on Bourne's water supply and the proximity of the project to Bournedale Elementary School - than benefits, such as its tax benefits and the green energy that would be created, according to the document.
3 Nov 2011

Why we oppose wind turbines

Contrary to the claims of the developers, wind turbines are not quiet and they are not benign. They are not environmentally responsible and they are not cost effective. Wind turbine noise is highly intrusive and disruptive.
30 Oct 2011

Bourne wind project rebuffed

On Thursday, the five-member committee voted 4-0, with one abstention, to deny the proposed project to the full commission, regulatory officer Elizabeth Enos said. Subcommittee members also voted, 3-2, that the possible detriments of New Generation outweighed the possible benefits.
29 Oct 2011

Barnstable wins lawsuit: FAA Cape Wind approval overturned

The court noted the record contained many contentions that the wind farm could pose a safety risk to pilots operating under visual flight rules noting local airport managers pointed out pilots, "would have a difficult time staying beneath the foggy and otherwise inclement weather that often plagues Nantucket Sound, while at the same time maintaining a safe distance from the wind turbines. During such times, there would be a ‘clear risk of collision with the wind turbine generators.'"
29 Oct 2011

Falmouth article seeks to stop wind turbines

"It's time that our town officials just step up and take responsibility for a failed project," said Barry Funfar, who, with other Falmouth turbine opponents, wrote and submitted the article. Funfar said he collected several more signatures than the 10 necessary for a resident to place an article on an annual town meeting warrant.
27 Oct 2011

A divided Lenox wind panel begins work

For ardent advocates and fiercely passionate opponents of a potential project at the westward-facing Lenox Mountain ridge line 1,800 feet in elevation, the prospect of a 262-foot high turbine, or two, has already stirred a hornet's nest of strong feelings not only in Lenox but among Richmond residents who live near the site.
21 Oct 2011
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