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'Credible' report on turbines' impacts urged

In total, about 70 residents from at least a dozen towns, including groups from Fairhaven and Falmouth, attended the meeting to share their experiences and thoughts with state Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Public Health representatives. At the state's request, many also made recommendations for next steps.
17 Feb 2012

Turbine opponents file open meeting law complaint

The complainants allege that police officers prevented some people from entering a meeting because the room was full but say they have video showing empty seats. "I feel we have answered all of the accusations. The police chief interviewed the four officers and they all said it never happened," Silvia said.
17 Feb 2012

Bourne wind project voted down

ter two years and thousands of pages of public testimony, the Cape Cod Commission voted Thursday to deny without prejudice a four-turbine wind project proposed for Bournedale. ...The county regulatory board spent three hours Thursday discussing the project in front of a packed house.
17 Feb 2012

Moon Island turbine hearing draws a crowd

About 100 people, most of them from the Squantum neighborhood, turned out for the hearing Feb. 8 on the 397-foot structure proposed for the harbor island. The island officially lies in Quincy but Boston owns its land. The hearing was suspended about an hour into the session when City Councilor Brian McNamee said the City Hall meeting room was uncomfortably crowded.
16 Feb 2012

Opposing winds in turbine use

As Fairhaven looks toward two turbines to claim its stake in what some people consider clean energy's future, the present has become a divisive nightmare. While the debate rages in SouthCoast, two different Massachusetts towns show how differently wind power can affect the people and places that receive them. In one town, the turbines are a source of pioneering pride. The other? A bitter — and some say literal — pain.
12 Feb 2012

Town turns off wind project, opts for solar energy; Officials conclude turbine project not cost-effective

Until recently Duxbury was planning to build a wind turbine, too. But that plan came under attack by a group of residents who said they feared that living near a turbine would undermine their health, lower their property values, and alter the neighborhood's residential character. They hired an attorney, produced a report attacking the financial basis of the project, and won a vote from selectmen urging the committee not to seek funds for the project.
2 Feb 2012

Turbine dispute hinges on legal standing

He argued that Austin doesn't have grounds to appeal the decision because she lives three-quarters of a mile away from the site and is not a direct abutter. ...But Austin said she speaks for 92 residents of Dennis and Yarmouth who signed a petition opposing the turbine, including a woman who lives only 1,600 feet away in Yarmouthport.
31 Jan 2012

Wind turbine not feasible for Northborough

Committee member Richard Jones said the committee had initially hoped the project would pay for itself within four to six years. But after readings of a meteorological tower perched atop Ball Hill for the past year yielded low wind speeds, those hopes were dashed. "You can't really raise your hand and justify a 15-year payback on a project of this type," he said.
24 Jan 2012

Judge denies Yarmouth role in turbine dispute

Centerville attorney John Kenney, who represents the Aquaculture Research Corp. in Dennis, the plaintiff in the suit, said an Orleans District Court judge turned down Yarmouth's request for intervenor status. But the judge is allowing Yarmouth to file a brief in support of Rosemarie Austin of Dennis, who opposes the turbine and is a defendant in the case.
23 Jan 2012

Split decision likely from wind turbine study group

Panel member Joanne Magee, a project opponent, criticized the study, commissioned by the Department of Environmental Protection, because "it was chartered to address noise and sound concerns in an effort to advance the wind-energy agenda in the state, so it had a particular context that was going to shape the findings and the evidence that was presented."
22 Jan 2012

Windwise member appeals to Fairhaven zoning board

In December, approximately 160 people signed a letter challenging specific zoning actions for the town project, including the validity of the building permit. According to the official process, the building commissioner must respond to such a complaint before the matter can be appealed to the zoning board.
19 Jan 2012
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