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TOO Close, Stories from Those Who Live in the Shadows

This video introduces you to those families who are sentenced to living life with the noise, flicker and adverse health effects of the Fairhaven Wind project. This is a powerful documentary that should be viewed by those who feel a calling to support their neighbors and those who have concerns about a "Wind Friendly" Board of Health opening Fairhaven's doors to increased wind development. Louise Barteau took to the neighborhoods and spends time with those who have been directly impacted. You'll hear the touching stories of these families in their own words. Duration: 45 minutes
29 Aug 2013

Tainted turbine noise studes in Fairhaven MA

Underneath the two 1.5 megawatt wind turbines in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, the whirring sound is unmistakable. Yet, during State-ordered noise testing in October, the turbines were set to spin-only and not to produce electricity. Turbine noise is unmistakably louder when power is being produced. The developer, after denying any manipulation of the turbines to artificially reduce noise levels, in a letter dated February 26, the developer admits a 'mechanical failure' resulted in the turbines not operating as required. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has ordered new studies.  Duration: 4 minutes 40 seconds
28 Feb 2013

Take the Turbines Down

Nearly one hundred Falmouth residents attended a Board of Selectmen meeting last night to peacefully protest and speak out against the ongoing operation of three identical industrial wind turbines in the Falmouth Industrial Park. Duration: 33 seconds
26 Jan 2013

Falmouth residents say wind turbines are “torture”

FALMOUTH - Dozens of neighbors packed an emergency town Board of Health meeting, to hear the health concerns of people who live near two town-owned turbines, plus a third one that's privately run. "The pulsing sound will wake me up all night," said one man. Last week, state environmental officials ordered one of the turbines be shut down because it exceeded noise regulations. Now, Falmouth's Board of Health could hand down an emergency order for the other town-owned turbine to stop as well. Duration: 2 minutes 16 seconds
25 May 2012

TOO Close

A look into the siting of industrial wind turbine projects in residential areas. You'll hear from those who live in the shadows and experience the ill health effects of the Hull and Falmouth Massachusetts turbines. Duration: 6 minutes 30 seconds
7 Dec 2011

Effects of wind turbines on one Massachusetts town

Hari Sreenivasan of PBS News Hour talks to Heather Goldstone and Sean Corcoran of WCAI in Cape Cod, Mass. about their reports on the fallout of a wind turbine Falmouth, Massachisetts. While there's no comprehensive scientific research to subtantiate the negative health impacts of wind turbines, residents living near the 400 foot tall turbine have complained of headaches, sleep deprivation, and tinnitus. Godlstone and Corcoran talk about the ongoing debate in Falmouth and its implications for wind energy in Massachusetts and nationally. Duration: 5 minutes 42 seconds
17 Oct 2011
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