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‘Green' energy a hidden tax

Twenty-four-cent wind power would more than double the electric bills of tens of millions of Americans. But Obama and the liberals don't care about what would amount to a gigantic new tax on families who are far from the millionaires the president claims he wants to hurt.
27 Sep 2011

Deval Patrick's shift on turbine plans may hit power users like storm; Rate cap gone with wind

A broken campaign pledge by Gov. Deval Patrick could end up costing Massachusetts ratepayers big bucks if yet another massive wind farm is built off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. When he first ran for governor in 2005, the then-relatively unknown Patrick broke out of the Democratic pack by endorsing the controversial Cape Wind project.
20 Dec 2010

Group challenges wind power deal

The 6,000-member Associated Industries of Massachusetts said in a statement yesterday that the Department of Public Utilities overstepped its powers and set a dangerous precedent for allowing utilities to negotiate agreements outside the competitive bidding process when it approved the deal last month.
14 Dec 2010

AIM asks court to set aside approval of Grid/Cape Wind deal

AIM will argue in its appeal that approval of the National Grid/Cape Wind deal by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) was "arbitrary, capricious," an "abuse of discretion and not otherwise in accordance with the law." AIM believes the agreement sets a dangerous precedent for allowing utilities to negotiate expensive power agreements outside of the competitive bidding process and to allocate the costs of those contracts unfairly to commercial and industrial customers.
13 Dec 2010

Cape Wind power rate appealed

Two parties have filed an appeal with the state Supreme Judicial Court of the decision approving the rate for half of the power from Cape Wind. The Associated Industries of Massachusetts and the TransCanada Corp. have filed the appeal of the state Department of Public Utilities' November decision, said DPU executive director Tim Shevlin.
10 Dec 2010

Governor Patrick touts wind farm job benefits

Gov. Deval Patrick on Wednesday pointed to jobs the project will produce, announcing that a company based in Middleborough will make the foundations for the giant wind turbines ...The announcement came as the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, released results of a poll where 70 percent of respondents, once apprised of the increase in electric bills associated with the project, said they opposed the project.
13 Oct 2010

Business to get hit by Cape Wind

"I used to look at Cape Wind and think, 'Oh, wind power. That's great,'" said Housen, whose firm is one of National Grid's largest customers. "I don't say that anymore. Cape Wind is going to cost us significantly more." To offset the increased expense, Housen said he'll probably have to pass along the increase to customers or delay hiring any new employees.
5 Oct 2010

Cape Wind rates will whack businesses, hospitals, schools; Blown away by costs

And experts say most of those costs will be passed on to the same consumers who, as rate- and taxpayers, will be paying for the cost of planting the turbines off Nantucket Sound - and footing higher energy bills once the project is running. "As they say, there are lies, damned lies and statistics," said energy analyst Robert McCullough. "This is a very expensive project."
4 Oct 2010

Hearings confirm lower-cost alternatives to Cape Wind

DPU concluded hearings Friday on a proposal that would add $1 billion to the electric bills of National Grid customers to pay for Cape Wind, even though the utility could have purchased less expensive renewable power from other suppliers. ...Our cross-examination of senior National Grid executives and other principals in the proposed agreement established several important facts.
30 Sep 2010

Cape Wind siting economics and cultures of the Coasts (Part 1 of 2)

When there is no wind no power is produced. When the wind blows at night, battery storage power is as primitive now as it was in 1990, with very little improvement. The Big Breakthrough in proton exchange membranes and fuel cells is still a research hypothesis ...Thus, based on economics the conclusion is that Cape Wind is a No Build project.
29 Sep 2010

DPU should vet it closely, but Cape Wind still makes sense

Cape Wind blew away National Grid's 1.2 million Massachusetts customers when they learned that their power from Cape Wind will cost at least 25 percent more than National Grid's conventional electricity. Even though the wind power will be just 3.5 percent of the utility's total load and the impact on an average monthly bill will be about $1.24, consumers are justified in asking if the state is right to require utilities to bring on costly renewable power like Cape Wind's.
30 Aug 2010
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