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Passions undimmed, Cape Wind combatants have at it

In years past, environmental and aesthetic concerns have topped the list of objections to the wind farm, but increasingly opponents are challenging the costs of the array. NStar officer, in testimony to the DPU, had said the price suppression effect had already been taken into account in figures that showed $4 billion in excess costs to consumers stemming from operation of the wind farm.
25 May 2012

Wind farm decision angers some

Many hoped that if the project were rejected by the ZBA on the basis of merit, a revision of the turbine plan could not be filed for at least two years. Although the town approved a commercial wind ban, opponents fear the project would still be viable if the state Attorney General doesn't ratify the town meeting vote within the next few months.
25 May 2012

Cape Wind fight still blows hot

Over the life of the 15-year contract, the additional cost of the project's power over other sources of energy will equal almost $4 billion. They argued that businesses which use far more power than residential customers will pay exponentially more and pass those costs along to consumers.
24 May 2012

Hearing on NStar-Cape Wind contract in Natick

NStar is seeking permission from the state Department of Public Utilities to enter into a long-term contract with Cape Wind in which NStar will purchase 27.5 percent of Cape Wind's estimated total output ...If the contract is approved, NStar estimated the bill of an average residential customer would increase by $1.16 per month, or 1.3 percent, in 2013, according to the notice.
21 May 2012

Paying too much for wind

Energy policy in Massachusetts took a turn toward the absurd last month after the announcement that the state planned to saddle MetroWest ratepayers - and those across the commonwealth - with $4 billion in above market costs for a single project that provides just one percent of New England's electricity.
21 May 2012

3 longtime residents seek Falmouth selectman's seat

On the turbine issue, Jones was one of the town meeting members who perplexed Town Moderator David Vieira by voting in favor of shutting down the turbines until November and then voted to allow selectmen to continue with their mitigation efforts. "I do think we need to consider shutting them down to alleviate the health conditions of residents," Jones said.
6 May 2012

Energy agencies' ties targeted

The Compact was created in 1997 to buy energy in bulk for residents of the Cape and the Vineyard, as well as to provide energy-efficiency programs. The [Cape and Vineyard Electric] Cooperative was formed in 2007 to pursue renewable energy projects ..."We found that there was just so many people who were involved in both organizations."
5 May 2012

Falmouth turbine votes go both ways

Members voted in favor of Article 23, a nonbinding petitioner article to shut off the town's electricity-generating Wind 1 and Wind 2 turbines until November. About 45 minutes later, when Article 27 - a nonbinding petitioner article in favor of supporting the board of selectmen's plan to mitigate abutter complaints about the turbines - came to the floor, they voted in favor of it.
6 Apr 2012

How much is too much for Cape Wind's power?

The compact delivers slightly more than 1 billion kilowatt-hours per year, Soares said. Do the math and this means $2.17 million in additional annual payments from compact customers for Cape Wind's power. "All of the above-market piece is going to go on the distribution rate," Soares said. "That for us is heartburn."
4 Apr 2012

Wind debate whips up Fairhaven election, residents say

The wind turbine controversy is expected to blow up turnout in the Fairhaven election today, town residents said Sunday, while voters elsewhere said they expected sleepier races. Fairhaven is experiencing its first competitive races in years, with open seats on the Board of Selectmen and Board of Health. Two spots on the Board of Public Works are also contested.
2 Apr 2012

NStar's Cape Wind pact pays $940M over market

The contract filed with state regulators on Friday totals about $1.6 billion, assuming the project obtains hoped-for tax credits. According to estimates in the contract, that's $940 million above the market price of conventional electricity during that period. Critics of Cape Wind, which aims to be the nation's first offshore wind farm, have long said its power is far too costly.
31 Mar 2012
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