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Landowner tries to push wind in Savoy's sails - Planning Board not ready

A race for windmills - or at least windmill bylaws - is on in Savoy. Landowner Harold Malloy and the town Planning Board both are proposing zoning bylaw changes that will provide guidelines for wind-powered turbine development - with the board's yet-to-be-completed proposal having far more stringent guidelines than Malloy's. ...Town Clerk Phinney said she was fairly certain that Malloy's proposal, if put to a vote, would fail. "As town clerk, I get a lot of feedback while in my office, and the general attitude is mostly against the Malloy amendment," she said. "I won't say it's 100 percent, but I'd say 2 to 1 - and mostly because people don't like things changed very much."
13 Oct 2007

Orleans decision gives local wind project a boost

FAIRHAVEN — The Fairhaven wind project and developer CCI Energy seemed one step closer to securing turbines for their project after the Orleans Board of Water Commissioners decided against proceeding with its own wind project last week. But that one step is still tantalizingly far from the finishing line now that the Orleans Select Board voted Wednesday night to reopen the review process.
21 Sep 2007

Wind power proposal runs into turbulence

City Council is considering seeking a financial contribution from the city's biggest company in return for allowing it to alter the horizon with wind turbines tall enough to be visible almost everywhere on Cape Ann. The issue was raised by Councilor Jason Grow as councilors inched toward a vote Tuesday night on permitting Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates to build what would be the tallest turbines in the state. "I support (Grow) on this," said Peckham. "The city will have to live with (the turbines) every single day."
20 Sep 2007

Cape Wind agrees to extend review

Yesterday at a Cape Cod Commission subcommittee meeting, Cape Wind officials agreed to allow the regional planning and regulatory agency two more weeks to reach a decision on the project. The extension gives the commission until Oct. 21 to make a determination on the project.
12 Sep 2007

Windmill pressure builds on Cape planning agency

The Cape Cod Commission is being squeezed by those who want it to kill Cape Wind Associates' proposal to build 130 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound and those who don't want it to review the plan at all. "If you're ever going to be in a position to exert your authority and the authority you're charged with by the Legislature, I would say now is the time," said Charlie McLaughlin, a lawyer for the town of Barnstable, in testimony yesterday before a subcommittee reviewing the project.
11 Sep 2007

Helicopter hovers over turbine site

Massachusetts were shelved temporarily yesterday after officials were informed a wind turbine in Oregon collapsed and took a life four days earlier. Conveying the news, Michael Faherty, the attorney for Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, had to raise his voice over the noise of a helicopter hovering above Blackburn Industrial Park. The helicopter was brought in by Varian to show the council and community how high and visible the twin turbines would be. ... The towers would rise 328 feet from their bases with blade heights adding another 168 feet, for a total of 496 feet - roughly the height of a 30-story building.
30 Aug 2007

Wind Sock 08/24/07

Following a public hearing yesterday, the Cape Cod Commission voted to recommend a new adjudicatory process for Development of Regional Impact reviews of energy-related facilities under the jurisdiction of the state Energy Facilities Siting Board. Commission chair Bob Jones of Sandwich advised with a smile that he could save some "heartburn" for audience members by announcing that language making the changes applicable to the Cape Wind project would not be included. Actually, he probably just shifted the upset from backers of the project to its opponents. The latter had hoped Commission action would have established a process that would satisfy the EFSB's standards.
25 Aug 2007

Air Force OKs windmill near PAVE PAWS

The Air Force has approved siting of a proposed wind turbine at the Massachusetts Military Reservation within a buffer zone around the PAVE PAWS radar station in Sagamore. In June, the U.S. Department of Defense established a 25-kilometer zone around the PAVE PAWS facility within which any proposed wind turbines would require review by military officials. The buffer zone is about 15 ½ miles.
24 Aug 2007

Plymouth awarded $100,000 grant to study wind energy sites

Plymouth has been awarded a grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative for Wind Turbine Project Feasibility Studies at a number of sites in town. The feasibility study will provide crucial information that will help Plymouth determine the most appropriate ways to pursue potential wind projects at up to three sites, including the wastewater treatment plant, Plymouth South High School and the Indian Brook Elementary School.
23 Aug 2007

Fishermen fight Cape Wind with new campaign

The state's largest commercial fishing organization is publicly challenging assertions by the developer of the Cape Wind project that their offshore wind energy project will actually improve fishing in Nantucket Sound. The Massachusetts Fishermen's Partnership (MFP), which is comprised of 18 commercial fishing organizations, decided to take its message to the airwaves in a TV commercial now appearing on several channels, said Executive Director David Bergeron, "because the public needs to know that sustainable commercial fishing would be impacted and displaced" by the Cape Wind development project on Horseshoe Shoal.
22 Aug 2007

Town energy panel to test Plum Island winds

NEWBURY - The town's Alternative Energy Source Committee is hoping to catch the wind - or at least enough of it to save the town a little money. The three-member panel will apply to a program called the Community Wind Collaborative that would provide a meteorological test tower to measure the wind at a town-owned, 51/2-acre lot on Plum Island. The group wants to find out if there is enough of a breeze to operate a wind turbine to generate electricity that could be sold back to the region's power grid, energy committee Chairman Gene Smith said.
22 Aug 2007

Dennis moves wind project foward

SOUTH DENNIS - Selectmen last night joined their Yarmouth counterparts in endorsing a wind data tower at the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School in South Yarmouth. The Dennis board unanimously approved placing the proposal before the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District Committee, which must ultimately decide whether the project moves forward. The proposed meteorological tower - known as an MET tower - is the next step in efforts to erect a wind turbine that could serve much of the regional school district's energy needs.
22 Aug 2007

Public testimony may influence Cape Wind

The Cape Cod Commission will hear public testimony this week on a process that may be used as it reviews Cape Wind Associates' proposal to build 130 wind turbines on Nantucket Sound. The proposed changes to the Commission process will affect projects that go before the state's energy facility siting board. That body has already approved the part of the Cape Wind project over which it has jurisdiction - the connection of the wind turbines' power line to the power grid. The Commission's regular meeting tomorrow begins at 3 p.m. with public comments on the new process in the Assembly of Delegates Chamber in the Barnstable District Courthouse.
22 Aug 2007

A limit on environmental appeals; Rules would restrict residents’ power

Local environmentalists say rules changes proposed by state regulators would cut ordinary citizens out of the democratic process and leave the environment vulnerable to ill-considered development projects. They point to cases where citizen involvement has made a crucial difference in heading off developments, such as a plan to build houses on wetlands adjacent to Silver Lake in Kingston. The environmentally sensitive area ultimately became the Silver Lake Sanctuary, after residents appealed to the Department of Environmental Protection under the state's Wetlands Protection Act. The Department of Environmental Protection last month proposed changes intended to speed up environmental decisions that leave developers hanging for two years or more and imperil financing for worthwhile projects. The new rules would eliminate the right of any 10 residents of a community to appeal a DEP decision to the department's administrative law division for a hearing before an administrative law judge. But state officials say the new rules would retain essential protections.
19 Aug 2007

Cape Wind foes debate energy project

BREWSTER - The discussion began cordially enough. After all, the two men on the small stage last night at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History were well respected in their own circles and came bearing long lists of endorsements for their views. But as the room heated up and despite a veneer of agreement on general issues such as the need to combat global warming and protect the Cape and Islands from environmental degradation, Jim Gordon and Charles Vinick were bound to disagree. The packed room of more than 140 audience members waited for it and when the oral blows fell, they cheered.
16 Aug 2007

Patrick should help find better wind site

The six-year battle around Cape Wind is clear evidence that this project is deeply flawed. The conflicts that its location in Nantucket Sound presents to our economy, our environment and public safety are irresolvable, and a better site for the project needs to be identified. It is disappointing to see an elected Cape and Islands representative, Matt Patrick, offer such unqualified support for a project that would come at a great cost to the constituents he represents. The time has come to seek a consensus on a site outside of Nantucket Sound where a wind project can be built without damaging such a venerated national attraction. We look to Patrick and others in the Legislature to take up the challenge and find a win-win scenario, so that real progress can be made toward siting a commercial scale offshore wind facility. People may turn a deaf ear to the bickering that characterizes the Cape Wind conflict, but they would welcome a win-win solution to the problem, if only politicians like Rep. Patrick would pave the way.
14 Aug 2007

Landowner forces vote on windmills

SAVOY - Hoping to "start the clock ticking" on a commercial wind-turbine farm, Harold Malloy filed a petition Tuesday to amend the town's bylaws. Malloy - who owns the 290 acres on West Hill where Minuteman Wind LLC hopes to put a five-turbine, 12.5 megawatt wind farm - acquired the 45 signatures necessary to file the citizen's petition and put the question to a town vote. "This petition is to amend our existing bylaws and will be using the template bylaw from the Massachusetts Department of Energy. It would allow by special permit the construction of commercial wind facilities," Malloy said.
10 Aug 2007

Ad hoc group to draft new wind turbine bylaw

EASTHAM - It seems the dream of the former Eastham Energy Committee, to site four 460-foot tall wind turbines on town-owned property in North Eastham, was just that - a dream. There is little likelihood any commercial wind turbine will be erected in Eastham, due to noise and setback concerns. Tom Reilly, chairman of the Wind Turbine Ad Hoc Committee, told selectmen Monday that after five meetings, "a majority of the ad hoc committee feels that there are significant hurdles to siting commercial-scale wind turbines in a residentially zoned area in such a way that the noise impact does not negatively impact nearby residences."
9 Aug 2007

Wind turbines need study

Our position is steadfast that the locations of wind turbines need careful study, especially in New England with our heavily populated cities and towns. The inherent quality of life and the rights and privileges of the many residents negatively affected by these turbines cannot be ignored in our pursuit of alternative energy. Please visit and listen to the Hull residents we visited and you will see that they do not all think their turbines are a great thing as Mr. Sweeney leads you to believe. I advise everyone concerned to please do the research.
7 Aug 2007
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