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Bourne group withdraws turbine plan

On Tuesday, backers of the New Generation Wind project pulled their plans for seven turbines to be built in the area of a proposed Bournedale technology park, Bourne Board of Selectmen chairman John Ford Jr. said. Letters were sent Tuesday to the town's planning board and the Cape Cod Commission notifying the local panels of New Generation Wind's intention to withdraw its plans for the wind farm but to refile "shortly," O'Brien said.
2 Mar 2011

Turbine would not be neighborly

Because of ever increasing awareness of the negative consequences of locating turbines near residential areas, many bodies with more experience in turbine siting have been applying increasingly stringent standards. For example, see the February 2011 standards adopted by the Planning and Regulatory Sub-committee of the Cape Cod Commission.
24 Feb 2011

Zoning Board lacks votes to override Falmouth building commissioner

On Tuesday the board was divided, with Mr. Murphy and Mr. Foreman arguing that Mr. Gore had erred in not requiring the town to apply for a special permit to erect the wind turbine. On the other side were Mr. Erickson and Ms. Johnson who defended Mr. Gore's ruling. Who is right? Based on what the board's attorney, Mark Bobrowski of Concord, said, it is a gray area based upon inconsistencies in the town's zoning bylaws.
11 Feb 2011

Town needs special permit process

The concerned citizen expects his or her protection to be the guiding principal employed when examining ALL projects, no matter their location. A power plant has it's own unique package of ills. It's comedic classification as a waste water treatment plant has served to bypass those ills, by-pass planning, zoning and health board review, and by-pass the special permit process design to give the common, concerned citizen their say!
13 Jan 2011

Wind power projects losing steam on Cape

"The difficulty with Massachusetts is that people live everywhere. Someone is going to see that" wind turbine, said Quinlan of UMass. "People who work very hard all their life to buy a house on the Cape feel very wronged by seeing that property value erode versus people who would like to see a more sustainable energy picture."
11 Jan 2011

Wind forum stirs debate as task force remains skeptical

In Rhode Island a $7 million effort is underway to study the ecological and economic importance of a 1,467-square-mile area set aside for wind development. Tisbury selectman Tristan Israel said he was discouraged by the discrepancy between the ongoing research and bids of potential wind developers. "On the one hand there's a tremendous amount of research going on in this area and in the meantime there are already leases on the table."
24 Dec 2010

Wind turbine puts Cohasset and Hingham at odds

"The 41st day since the filing occurred was [last] Wednesday evening. This [Wednesday] will be the 48th day, " said attorney Jeffery Tocchio, who is representing five families who live off Turkey Hill Lane. "Have we had an opportunity to review the materials? No. Have we had chance to hire some type of sound expert? No we haven't,"
15 Dec 2010

Bourne: Reject wind turbine proposal

The proposed project to install seven 492 ft tall Wind Turbines within 800 ft of residences does not meet any of the criteria for responsible siting of wind turbines. This project is probably one of the most irresponsible proposals ever submitted for Cape Cod. We therefore must reject the project in its current form.
3 Dec 2010

Brewster takes time to probe impact of turbines

One of the top unanswered questions is the turbines' potential impact on a nearby radio station. Classical radio station WFCC leases space in the industrial park and its signal emanates from a cell tower on town-owned property about 600 feet from the nearest proposed turbine. Gregory Bone, a general partner in Cape Cod Broadcasting, which owns the station, raised the issue of signal interference.
2 Dec 2010

Falmouth turbine draws wary Connecticut residents

Three dozen residents of Prospect, Conn. traveled three hours to Falmouth on Saturday to get a firsthand glimpse of Wind I, Falmouth's 400-foot, 1.65-megawatt turbine at the wastewater treatment facility. The reason, said Prospect Mayor Robert Chatfield, is that a private company is trying to build two similar-size turbines as close as 1,500 feet to nearby homes.
30 Nov 2010

Falmouth residents seek cease & desist order on town-owned turbine

The town-owned wind turbine off Blacksmith Shop Road will have a full public hearing next week in which the Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals will decide whether the turbine violates the town's own zoning bylaws. The hearing is scheduled as part of the regular meeting of the board of appeals on Thursday, December 2, at Falmouth Town Hall beginning at 6:30 PM.
24 Nov 2010

Hedges Pond Road turbines under fire

Many residents say the proposed turbines will be an eyesore, destroy the quality of life, drastically reduce their property values, be a general nuisance and create a potential hazard. The proposed turbines are 480.5 feet tall to the blade's tip, causing many to balk at the shear size of the project.
18 Nov 2010
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