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Undertakes independent study of wind turbines

Among the other complaints Dr Carlton-Foss has of the town's noise study are the locations where sound samples were taken as well as the attention paid to pure tones while ignoring various octave levels of noise, or specifically low-frequency sound levels. The report also provides several recommendations, which include calling for the reform of acceptable sound regulations that utilize a different analytical system than one based on decibels.
6 Sep 2011

In siting turbines, first do no harm

Just as in medicine the rule is to "first do no harm," the wind industry should not be erecting wind turbines in populated areas until all the data are in. Siting of industrial-size turbines in and near neighborhoods has potential of doing harm to those at risk. So don't permit it. Some places are just not good industrial wind turbine sites.
30 Aug 2011

Turbine questions loom in Falmouth

The mitigation report, which selectmen received at the end of July, estimates the costs associated with studying several possible options to solve problems abutters say have been caused by Wind 1. Noise, low-frequency sound waves, and other effects from the turbines cause headaches, dizziness, and vertigo among other health problems, nearby residents have said.
15 Aug 2011

Bourne vote on turbine guidelines stalls

Under the proposed guidelines, noise and shadow flicker created by turbines would be regulated by the board of health, which would issue a permit once the regulations were deemed met. The board would deny a permit if the turbine is "likely to have an adverse effect upon public health," the regulations state.
23 Jun 2011

Wind turbine safety questioned

Pierpont didn't have the resources to do an epidemiological study, but she said a pattern emerged that showed similar risk factors among the people she interviewed who experienced severe symptoms associated with living near turbines. The symptoms include sleeplessness, headaches, tinnitus, and eye and ear pressure, she said.
16 Jun 2011

Residents, experts speak out about turbines

Hobart accused town officials of allowing “politics, money, and self-interest” to interfere with protecting the health and safety of Falmouth citizens, and said firms like Vestas “hide behind the big green picture.” More abutters came forward to tell the board about their experiences with the turbines. Opinion was strongly and universally against the machines as currently sited.
7 Jun 2011

Turbine plans power worries about sound

Residents attending initial hearings on both projects brought out concerns regarding the sights, sounds and quality of life in town center and beyond. The turbine planned for the northern edge of the Bay Path property abuts only the school and wooded hillside, while the Overlook's twin turbines will be within 1,000 feet of homes and about 2,000 feet from recreation facilities and an elementary school.
3 Apr 2011

The Falmouth Experience, Part 4: The Green Debate

Argo and members of a wind advocacy group called the Cape and Islands Wind Information Network were skeptical, and they went to talk to the neighbors. "Meeting with those people quite honestly blew our minds," Argo said. "We had expected that they would be kind of wacky. And we would be able to dismiss them. And none of us will dismiss their complaints now."
11 Mar 2011
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