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Symposium surveys local attitudes on wind power

The group overall was open to the idea of personal wind power, but did not like the idea of industrial power for a series of reasons. They cited health issues for both wildlife and people, as well as noise, noting the controversial "wind turbine syndrome." Scenery and property values were also a concern. ...There were also concerns of "regional abuse," in which the eastern part of the state benefits more.
27 Jul 2012

Cape Wind scrutiny persists

In a joint letter sent Tuesday to FAA acting administrator Michael Huerta, the Republican chairmen of two House committees reiterated concerns about references to the highly political nature of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm raised in internal agency emails and other documents. ...
18 Jul 2012

Two wind turbines idle as state agency, National Grid point fingers

Now, 16 months later, the Gardner turbines still aren't working, leaving taxpayers stuck with a nearly $10 million bill for the still-inoperable equipment. ...The summer is also when the Charlestown wind turbine, overseen by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, is supposed to be running after overcoming its own delay. The turbine needs a new foundation after the original one settled more than expected.
18 Jul 2012

Green energy gets a boost

"Obviously these bills serve to further those goals," she said. "We've also pointed out that the costs to consumers are substantial." The proposed changes to the law would cost the utility's customers an estimated $350 million, Pretyman said. The push for more renewable energy and the consequent benefits and costs are policy decisions that are in the hands of lawmakers.
17 Jul 2012

Congressmen question FAA over Mass. wind project

The congressmen asked the FAA to provide various documents by July 31, including any communication about Cape Wind over the last 3 1/2 years between the agency, Cape Wind, federal officials and the White House. It also flatly asked the agency to answer if it was influenced by political considerations, including the U.S. Interior Secretary's 2010 approval of the project and the Obama Administration's desire to promote green energy projects.
17 Jul 2012

DEP to conduct Kingston turbine sound study

The logistics still need to be worked out. However, the state Department of Environmental Protection has agreed to commission a sound study of the impacts of the Independence and O'Donnell wind turbines. Town Planner Tom Bott informed the Kingston School Committee Monday night of this, explaining that one of the reasons for the study is to address residents' concerns about the impact of the four wind turbines on their health and safety.
13 Jul 2012

Town drops plan for wind power project

When it came time to seek a consensus on the issue, council President Diana Serra found there was no resolve to continue discussing or studying wind. Anthony said he would prefer to focus on ways to reduce the town's energy expenses with less risk and a more immediate payoff.
12 Jul 2012

Cracks seen in wind turbine accord

In their conversation three weeks ago, Elder and Drummey agreed that several representatives of turbine abutters would sit on the panel if the selectmen set aside their statement of principles for turbine mitigation - a guideline of how the town would operate the Falmouth-owned turbines for the remainder of the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years.
11 Jul 2012

Republican probes White House role in Cape Wind approval

"It's too early to talk about a hearing, but I'm very interested in the political pressure applied by the Administration in support of the President's green jobs scheme that is producing very few jobs," Stearns said in a statement to Greenwire this week. "Currently, we are still looking into the emails and other information involving the project."
5 Jul 2012

Wind energy symposium seeking local participants

The symposium is co-sponsored by the Berkshire Regional Planning Com mission as a very important step in understanding residents' perceptions and understanding of wind energy project siting in the region. It is funded through a National Science Foundation grant to Dr. Roopali Phadke of Macalester College.
22 Jun 2012

FAA facing investigation over Cape Wind approval

In a similar letter sent last month to Michael Huerta, acting administrator for the FAA, Ms. Parker said the FAA, in issuing in 2010 a "determination of no hazard" for the proposed wind farm, "ignored the warnings of the local aviation community, including airplane pilots, regional airports, and airline owners that the proposed Cape Wind project would pose unacceptable risks to the safety of local pilots and passengers."
22 Jun 2012
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