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Falmouth boards split on turbine bylaw

Zoning requirements under the new bylaw would prevent Falmouth from moving two 1.65-megawatt town-owned turbines - "Wind 1" and "Wind 2" - at the wastewater treatment plant on Blacksmith Shop Road to a spot about two miles away from Camp Edwards on the Massachusetts Military Reservation.
10 Nov 2012

Health board to consider legal options for turbine complaints

At the meeting, neighbors of the turbines asked the health board to shut down the machines at night and during times when they say light-flicker from whirling blades drives them from their homes, but chairman Joseph Casna said his panel has to consider legal ramifications. "We don't want to do the wrong thing and have it thrown back and not accomplish anything," he said.
8 Nov 2012

Windwise take right approach to turbines

There will also be a panel composed of people who live near wind turbines here in Southeastern Massachusetts. I consider them the true experts in this matter, for they have accumulated many hours of exposure and can speak to its adverse effect on their health. I think everyone in the state of Massachusetts needs to listen to what they have to say.
7 Nov 2012

Judge to decide fate of Fairhaven's north turbine

The fate of Fairhaven's north wind turbine now rests with Superior Court Judge Lloyd Macdonald following a hearing on a motion that could result in the turbine's removal. Twenty-three members of Windwise, a group opposing the town's two turbines, filed suit against Fairhaven in December, alleging that the north turbine's lease is "invalid."
5 Nov 2012

Wildlife suit could determine Cape Wind's fate

When plaintiffs in a lawsuit over Cape Wind's potential effect on birds, whales and other wildlife announced recently they had filed a related legal brief, a company official dismissed the case as old news. ...The wildlife suit is one of several still pending that might determine whether the 130 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound are built.
22 Oct 2012

Cape Wind foes turn up heat

The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and a handful of other groups yesterday filed a motion for summary judgment in one of five pending lawsuits aimed at preventing the construction of 130 wind turbines on roughly 25 miles of the sound.
12 Oct 2012

Mass. wind projects hitting turbulence; setbacks for green energy

The turbines hurt Princeton's bottom line again when energy prices dropped, reducing revenue from selling electricity produced by the turbine. "So instead of making what we thought we were going to make, we were making a third off the energy production, but still having to pay the loan," Allen said. All the problems resulted in people in Princeton paying one of the highest electric rates in the state.
6 Oct 2012

Second Ipswich turbine on way

Unlike the first turbine, which was a joint project of the town's utility company and public schools, the second turbine will be privately owned. D&C Construction of Rockland will build the turbine, and the town has agreed to purchase 100 percent of the power it produces.
30 Sep 2012

Cape Wind tests its footing

Although Cape Wind has taken the first steps necessary for construction, the project's completion is still not on the horizon. The company has secured all of the major permits required to begin construction but faces several lawsuits and at least two appeals of its Federal Aviation Administration approval.
23 Sep 2012

Eyed wind project caught up in red tape

Francis Waterman of the town Water Department wants to explore the possibility of a wind development on a 440-acre swath of town-owned land located off West Mountain Road with a feasibility study, but the state's Article 97 conservation restriction allegedly stands in the way.
18 Sep 2012

Electricity rate among highest in state; High rates expected to continue for a while

In 2011, Princeton residents' electric rates were 36 percent higher than the average rate in Massachusetts. The average PMLD customer using approximately 800 kilowatts per hour of energy a month paid $516 more for electricity in 2011 than the average Massachusetts customer paid. In 2011, the wind turbine project lost $628,000. From Jan. 1, 2010 through June 20, 2012, the wind turbine project has lost $1,875,000.
15 Sep 2012

Plymouth group seeks moratorium on new wind turbines

With seven wind turbines queued up for construction in Plymouth, a group of residents has submitted a petition for a fall Town Meeting article that would set a two-year moratorium on more permits. During the break, the Planning Board would conduct a "comprehensive review of the existing bylaw . . . in light of the reported health impacts and widespread litigation in neighboring communities," the proposal states.
6 Sep 2012
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