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State: Falmouth's Wind 1 is too loud

In light of the study, Falmouth's selectmen agreed to completely shut off Wind 1 for 30 days while DEP officials test the turbine's decibel level during the day, said Selectman Brent Putnam. Wind 1 is one of two town-owned 1.65-megawatt turbines located at the wastewater treatment facility on Blacksmith Shop Road.
16 May 2012

Small, 'unfiltered' protest held against Falmouth turbines

Falmouth's two 1.65-megawatt turbines have been the source of controversy for about two years. Some abutters say noise, infrasound and light flicker from the spinning blades cause headaches, vertigo and even suicidal tendencies. "All we've been doing is begging for help," said Elizabeth Andersen, 55, who said the police have responded to her home twice when she said she would harm herself.
13 May 2012

Hedges Pond wind turbine approved.

Dr Hopkins said 150 sports utility vehicles (SUVs) would burn the same amount of oil as a wind farm would save.More than 60 abutters and neighbors filled the seats of the Mayflower Room at Town Hall Wednesday night to hear the Zoning Board of Appeal’s decision on the project. The vast majority opposed the project, despite repeated assurances from engineers that it meets the requirements of the town’s wind energy bylaw.
21 Apr 2012

Turbine plan surprised them, residents say; Indian Pond neighbors call project detrimental

With generally favorable press and its cluster of five wind turbines up and visible to travelers on Route 3, the town of Kingston has gained wide attention as a model of green energy in Massachusetts. But some property owners in a high-end neighborhood near the power generators complain the green label was earned at their expense.
8 Mar 2012

State will consider turbine health concerns

Several residents of Falmouth who'd made the drive from Cape Cod for the meeting enumerated the headaches, vertigo and loss of sleep that wind turbines have caused in their neighborhood, stirring the concern of others in the audience. "I think it's time we stopped putting human beings at risk for technology," said Lee resident Deidre Consolati.
29 Feb 2012

Turbine critics rip state report

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Kenneth Kimmell told the audience that state officials have not made up their mind on the question of whether there are health effects from the operation of turbines, such as the two at the Falmouth wastewater treatment facility and a third private turbine built nearby.
17 Feb 2012

Duxbury Selectmen don’t recommend changes to wind facilities bylaw proposed by citizen

Hounds Ditch Lane resident Joanne Levesque took issue with Goldenberg's summary of the state study ...She said the panel that conducted the study indicated that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that wind turbines do or do not have an effect on health. "My fear is you're relying on a committee that wants to deny there is a problem with wind turbines and health impacts."
16 Feb 2012
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