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Turbine project moving ahead

Even though the noise study is about to be completed, city officials say they have no timeline for the wind turbine project and have not scheduled any public hearings. An opposition group, SalemWind, has raised concerns about a number of issues, including noise.
7 Jan 2013

Businesswoman to sell wind turbines

She said a large company would have the cash to pay for the turbines. "They won't be borrowing any money," she said. O'Donnell conceded she feels bad about selling the wind machines, which have been spinning for 11 months, "but the good news is I'll be out of trouble and out of debt."
20 Dec 2012

Wind Turbine Debate: New study indicates connection between wind turbines and ill health

A recent study, conducted by the Northern Maine Medical Center, is not contradictory, and comes right out and acknowledges the connection between sleep deprivation and ill health. The study examined the sleep patterns of Mars Hill and Vinalhaven, Maine, residents living within 5,000 feet of 1.5-megawatt industrial wind turbines, and found that those living within 4,500 feet of the turbines suffered from worse sleep disturbances and reductions in mental function than those who did not. Dr. Michael Nissenbaum of the Northern Maine Medical Center describes the results in a medical abstract.
19 Dec 2012

Falmouth wind panel not ready to present recommendations

The panel trudged through language in less than 10 pages of material during its 22nd meeting. It agreed on the phrasing for the options of leaving the turbines running with as little curtailment allowed by the state Department of Environmental Protection's standards and the option of cutting back operation during certain times of day.
19 Dec 2012

Looming prospect of turbine shutdown hangs over Kingston

Confusion and frustration ruled the Board of Health meeting last night as acoustical consultants discussed ways to monitor noise emitted from the Kingston Independence Turbine. ...After the informal town-hall session, the Board of Health voted to send a letter to MassCEC requesting that the three turbines owned by Mary O'Donnell be added to the acoustic monitoring.
19 Dec 2012

Turbine project at prison stands still

“It’s not that this project has an unusual arc. The timeline is not significantly different than other private or public projects,” said Andrew Brydges, senior director of renewable energy generation for the ratepayer-funded Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, which contributed $1.2 million to the prison wind project.
16 Dec 2012

Town work of turbine options group nears the end

The option of moving the turbines to another location in Falmouth has now officially been denied by the Federal Aviation Administration. In a report issued last Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration reported that if the turbines were moved to an area just south of the Massachusetts Military Reservation they would create a hazard to air navigation. The report also said that if the turbines were reduced in height to not exceed 216 feet above ground level it would not exceed obstruction standards, but that is not likely since the turbines are 262 feet high at the hub, with blades that extend to 400 feet.
14 Dec 2012

Efficiency cutting New England power use, costs

Nationally, demand for electricity is leveling off as residential power use falls, experts say, reversing a long upward trend. More efficient lighting and electric devices are partly credited for the change. New homes also are being built to use less electricity and government subsidies older homes use less power. Rourke said the weak economy also has contributed to reduced electricity use.
13 Dec 2012

Scituate Wind: Turbine study

The steering committee will be overseeing the scope (job description) for an engineering firm that will be hired to evaluate noise and shadow flicker from the turbine that residents have said are to blame for sleep deprivation, headaches, and dizziness, among other negative health affects experienced since the turbine went online earlier this year.
13 Dec 2012

Millbury wind turbine out after study raises doubts

Selectmen voted not to pursue a wind turbine at Butler Farm last night, after hearing results of a feasibility study that showed the wind speeds were too low and the costs high. ...With a cost of up to $4.1 million for the largest 1,800- kilowatt turbine and a payback period of 35 to 39 years, a wind project wouldn't make financial sense, the study demonstrated.
12 Dec 2012

Kingston's Mary O’Donnell selling three wind turbines

“The turbines are for sale and I am forced to sell them because of the lawsuit,” said Mary O’Donnell, president of Kingston-based No Fossil Fuels LLC. “You can’t get financed while you’re being sued.” O’Donnell is listed as a defendant – along with the Town of Kingston and its zoning board of appeals – in a lawsuit filed by a group of neighbors this fall in Massachusetts Land Court.
8 Dec 2012

Massachusetts at risk of losing some Cape Wind jobs to Rhode Island

The Patrick administration placed the project's cost at $100 million and project proponents touted its potential to serve the offshore wind industry. In an interview Tuesday, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rick Sullivan acknowledged Massachusetts and Rhode Island are competing for the Cape Wind jobs. Massachusetts was not looking to sweeten its infrastructure effort with loans or grants.
5 Dec 2012
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