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Hurdles dim solar projects

Since then, that figure has been slashed to 24 megawatts on 23 sites. Projects have been eliminated or delayed because of problems with roofs, concerns over clear-cutting and a complicated approval process to connect to the grid or to locate panels on land used for other purposes.
21 Mar 2013

Renewables chief sheds parallel role

The cooperative, which was formed in 2007 to pursue renewable energy projects on behalf of its member towns, counties and the Compact, has largely given up on wind energy in the face of fierce opposition and is struggling to construct solar projects announced in 2012.
19 Mar 2013

Saugus turbine contract in jeopardy

The Water and Sewer Commission is poised to yank a $1.8 million contract from a Saugus firm over claims that KGCI Inc. has not paid a vendor assembling the commission's 254-foot-tall wind turbine tower. "The contractor obviously has a cash flow problem," said commission attorney Samuel Vitali.
13 Mar 2013

Falmouth turbine takedown costs remain up in air

Town officials are unsure whether Falmouth will have to pay back nearly $5 million in federal stimulus funds that the town received in 2010 to construct the Wind 2 turbine. When taking into account the debt amassed by the two turbines, the cost of removing them and service contract is between about $12.3 and $15.2 million.
13 Mar 2013

Mass. co says no deal with Cape Wind

Horstmann said in an interview Friday at this Middleborough company that he feels his company was "used" to win public support for the controversial project he was once confident would boost local jobs. ...Cape Wind spokesman Mark Rodgers said Monday that Mass Tank just didn't have the experience or resources for the job.
11 Mar 2013

Falmouth turbine flap in costly spiral

Selectmen are scheduled Monday to vote on their recommendations for warrant articles for the annual and special town meetings. Three of the articles would collectively order the removal of the turbines. Town Manager Julian Suso has estimated it will cost $5 million to $15 million to remove them.
7 Mar 2013

Wind farm faces political push back

U.S. Reps. Paul Broun, R-Ga., and James Lankford, R-Okla., sent a letter Thursday to outgoing Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, reiterating demands they first made in January for agency documents related to Cape Wind, a list of all pending applications for two DOE loan programs, and a briefing about their concerns.
3 Mar 2013

Kingston Independence operator accuses bias

Ruiz is critical of opponents of the wind project he says are desperately attempting to retroactively rewrite history and who, at the request of outside agitators like attorney Christopher Senie, "continue to peddle these types of conspiracy theories that the town did not review shadow flicker."
1 Mar 2013
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