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Cape Wind: It's Complicated

In a dispute this complicated - a Gordian knot of confounding alliances - perhaps it is best to ask, "Who benefits?" Or, in other words, follow the money. So, here we go: Secretary Salazar admitted at the press conference, when he announced the Obama administration's approval of Cape Wind, that "I don't know the cost of the project, but I know it will be subsidized." Um, okay, but no one can agree by whom. (Taxpayers?) When Patrick was asked about the cost of the project, he went on the record saying, "I am not being cute with you: you need to ask the developer."
7 May 2010

Case tilting against plan to add new turbines

It's looking unlikely that the town of Hull will press ahead with a proposal to build four giant wind turbines in the waters off Nantasket Beach - a move that would have made the municipality self-sufficient in its power needs. "We're almost done with a financial analysis to see if we can afford to do it, and it doesn't look good,'' Richard Miller, manager of the town-owned light plant, said last week. "For people to pay more, just to have wind, doesn't make sense.''
6 May 2010

The Wind Farm Scam

I never thought I'd agree with a member of the Kennedy clan, but Bobby Kennedy's son got it right [1] when he dismissed the much-hyped Cape Wind project that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar approved last week. "It's a boondoggle of the worst kind," Kennedy said. "It's going to cost the people of Massachusetts $4 billion over the next 20 years in extra costs." If anything, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental lawyer, underestimated the cost of Cape Wind [2].
6 May 2010

Harwich turns its back on wind turbines

In a big showdown over wind power, neighbors of two proposed 400-foot tall industrial wind turbines drew enough voters to town meeting to kill the town's eight-year-long push for the clean energy project. "When this matter came up eight years ago, everybody thought wind energy was a good thing," Ed McManus, chairman of the board of selectmen, told a suddenly hushed town meeting last night.
5 May 2010

Wind farm in South Plymouth draws negative response from neighbors

Plans for a wind farm on Head of the Bay Road are creating turbulence in South Plymouth with the landowner and neighbors at odds over the impact on their quality of life. After nearly four hours of presentations and discussion, the Planning Board decided to continue Monday's discussion of the request for a special permit for the wind farm and wind energy facility until next Monday night.
5 May 2010

Cape Wind deal offers tribes millions

The federal and state government upped the ante this week in betting that Cape Wind is a winner. ...In his official "record of decision" released Thursday, Salazar increased to $2.1 million the amount Cape Wind could pay each tribe for "to-be-identified cultural and/or historical tribal interests." The state chipped in an additional $3.5 million.
1 May 2010

Cape Wind farm suers line up

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's approval of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm this week prompted a wave of legal threats from opponents who argue the decision violates the Endangered Species Act and other laws. One possible suit even contends the project could hurt endangered right whales. That suit, however, is only one of several possible challenges to the plan by Cape Wind Associates to build 130 wind turbines in the Sound.
30 Apr 2010

Turbine's still tops on Wellfleet voters' minds

Peter Hall urged them to vote in favor of the article and against the motion to indefinitely postpone it. "It is not by any means a vote for the wind turbine," but it would "set the stage" for one if the town decides in the future to pursue a turbine. Jim Rogers and Lilly Green urged indefinite postponement of the article. ...128 favoring indefinite postponement, and 126 voted against the selectmen's amendment.
29 Apr 2010

An ill wind off Cape

The nine-year battle over Cape Wind is far from over - hell, it hasn't even gone into extra innings yet. Salazar's anointing of it yesterday isn't going to make it so. And thank goodness for that. Slap a "green" label on anything and the Obama and Patrick administrations are all over it. The costs to taxpayers and ratepayers be damned.
29 Apr 2010

How the wind blows in Vinalhaven

Mr. Hall said General Electric told residents that from 1,000 feet away, the wind turbine noise would sound like a quiet conversation taking place in a living room. Instead, he described the turbines' sound as a "palpable experience," with rhythmic pulsations he can feel thumping in his chest as the blades turn. Other people interviewed in the film clips likened the turbines' whooshing sound to a jet airplane heard off in the distance.
29 Apr 2010

Buzzards Bay wind farm put on the back burner

With Cape Wind sailing forward, whatever happened to the proposal for a wind project in Buzzards Bay? The proposal isn't dead in the water, but is on hold. ...The company scaled back the proposal when it abandoned the Fairhaven portion of the project because of boat traffic and concerns about a nearby population of endangered roseate terns.
29 Apr 2010

Wind backers and foes traveled long, hard path

There was elation and dejection on the Cape yesterday over Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar's approval of the Cape Wind project. But there was also some consensus - a rare thing for this controversial proposal - that the road to federal approval was long and hard. That was especially true among people who have been part of the debate from the beginning.
29 Apr 2010

Cape Wind developer still faces several key hurdles before work can begin

While the long-awaited federal approval finally arrived for the Cape Wind project, the developer still has several key hurdles to clear before construction can begin on the 130-turbine wind farm in Nantucket Sound. ...Cape Wind has been negotiating with National Grid for several months to land Cape Wind's first long-term contract. It's unclear why the talks have been taking so long, although National Grid issued a statement on Wednesday saying that the negotiations are still moving in a positive direction. Both sides are under political pressure to keep an eye on the price in the contract.
29 Apr 2010

Weather tower will gather wind turbine data for Tiverton

The Tiverton Town Council approved installation of a 150-foot meteorological tower at the Industrial Park during its meeting Monday night. The tower will measure wind velocity, and its findings will help determine the best location for a wind turbine in town. Gary Plunkett, a representative for East Bay Energy Consortium, said the turbine will generate one year's worth of wind data.
28 Apr 2010

Wind farm ruling expected today

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has made his choice about whether to approve the nation's first offshore wind farm and will make the announcement today in Boston with Gov. Deval Patrick, a supporter of the project, a Massachusetts Statehouse official said yesterday. Salazar plans to brief the governor and other officials today before making his decision public.
28 Apr 2010

First Wind flap casts breeze on Ken Salazar

The Bangor Daily News reported late last week that one of First Wind's new executives had accepted an ownership stake while he was still the state of Maine's chief utilities regulator. Kurt Adams, former head of the Maine Public Utilities Commission, was awarded about $1.2 million in shares of First Wind just prior to quitting his Maine job.
28 Apr 2010

Kenneth Salazar approves Cape Wind project

Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar today approved the controversial, long-delayed Cape Wind project, which would construct wind turbines along Horseshoe Shoal on Nantucket Sound, with conditions to protect the historic quality of the Sound. ...Salazar said project developers will be required to undergo more marine and archaeological reviews and take steps to reduce the turbines' visibility from the shore.
28 Apr 2010
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