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Turbines pose real risk to our health

The learning curve about industrial wind turbine noise has evolved over the past decade. The need to understand it emerged from the discovery of a new human illness. In 2006 doctors in Europe, the United States and Australia began reporting a group of symptoms occurring in a cluster of patients in their communities. In each case, people complained of sleeplessness, unsteadiness, headache and nausea. All had one factor in common: proximity to industrial wind turbines.
12 Nov 2014

Timing is everything!

There can be no clearer example of the risk faced by the neighbors of the proposed Dan's Mountain wind project than what is actually happening just a few miles away at the Pinnacle project, which was developed by the very same individuals responsible for Dan's Mountain. If there is any doubt about the risk, perhaps Maryland citizens could speak with their West Virginia neighbors.
20 Sep 2013

Myth No. 4 is no myth; wind turbines are noisy

After seeing the full page ad in your paper on Jan. 29 entitled Wind Opponent Myth No. 4 - "Wind Turbines are Very Noisy," I knew I had to respond. Basically, the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition is saying you do not have to worry about noise from industrial wind turbines if they are coming to a ridge near you. Well, I am not sure how they conduct their decibel studies, but for all practical purposes, they mean absolutely nothing. You see, our home is over a half mile from one of those ridge-top industrial wind plants, and I am here to tell you the noise from those turbines has had a dramatic impact on the sanctity of our country home.
5 Feb 2008
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