Documents filed under Impact on Bats from Maryland

Save Western Maryland complaint filed against Constellation Energy

Swm_v_constellation_complaint_thumb Save Western Maryland, the Maryland Conservation Council, Ajax Eastman, and L. Daniel Boone filed a formal complaint in US District Court claiming Constellation Energy violated the endangered species act for failing to seek and obtain an incidental take permit in reference to the Constallation wind project located on Backbone Mountain in Garrett County, Maryland. The full complaint can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
22 Dec 2010

Notice of violations of the Endangered Species Act, Constellation Green Energy LLC

Constellation_esa_notice_letter_6-23-10_20_2__thumb Notice of intent to sue was filed in reference to Constellation Green Energy LLC's installation and long-term operation of wind turbines in Garrett County, Maryland. The project will consist of 28 industrial scale wind towers along 8 miles of the ridge of Backbone Mountain. Available evidence demonstrates that the Constellation wind project will almost certainly result in unauthorized takes of Indiana bats and Virginia big-eared bats.
23 Jun 2010

Ecological impacts of wind energy development on bats: questions, research needs, and hypotheses This important peer-reviewed paper written by bat expert Dr. Thomas H. Kunz et al identifies the significant risk wind turbines pose for migratory and local bat populations in the mid-Atlantic Highlands region of the United States. The projected number of annual fatalities of bats at wind energy facilities in the Highlands in the year 2020 can reach up to 111,000 bats.
6 Aug 2007
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