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Wind farm opposition group hopes to educate public

The group is a consortium of citizen/environment organizations from five states, and one of its goals is to inform the public about the science and the truth of wind farms. Wind energy is too costly for the taxpayer; too inefficient to keep its promises to generate electricity at the level claimed; and too destructive in its impact on the people and the environment in the vicinity of the turbine installations, said Spiggle.
27 Nov 2011

Wind power developer requests county easement

Because the company is not a pubic utility, it does not have eminent domain rights and must negotiate with landowners, Benson said. The company is also obtaining the necessary Maryland Department of the Environment permits for putting up power lines and boring for the underground line.
16 Apr 2011

Shifting Winds: Despite lowered cost estimates, price tag could sink O'Malley energy plan

Although supporters of wind energy say it can help meet the nation's energy needs while reducing dependence on foreign oil and polluting fossil fuels, not even the strongest advocates claim it will come cheaply anytime soon. The projected cost of about 20 cents per kilowatt hour is well off the roughly 13-cent cost that the U.S. Department of Energy has set as a target.
18 Mar 2011

Wind farm developer wants power line through Frostburg

Pittsburgh EverPower Wind Holdings Inc., the developer of Pennsylvania's Twin Ridges Wind Farm, is asking the city of Frostburg for an easement to build a generator lead line underneath the streets of the city. "Initial meetings with the city and with several of the neighbors who live along the proposed route have been very supportive and encouraging," said Harry Benson, senior director of development for EverPower, at Thursday's City Council meeting.
20 Feb 2011

Pulling back the curtain on wind power

The proposed Calvert Cliffs 3 nuclear reactor would be sited on about 350 acres. The 1,200 offshore wind turbines needed to produce the same amount of energy would require 74,000 acres. Onshore, 2,400 turbines would be needed and would require 8,500 acres. This is a lot of land or water and a big impact on the rich mountain ecosystems and habitats or ocean ecosystems about which we know little.
1 Feb 2011

Mineral County Commission okays agreement with Wind Force

Although the decommissioning study states that the cost to be recovered from the sale of scrap from the wind farm would exceed the cost of dismantling it and there is therefore no need for an escrow account, the agreement calls for a "floor" amount of $57,500 to be placed in escrow if it would ever be needed.
27 Jan 2011

U.S.. Wind Force to ask commissioners for approval today

The proposed escrow agreement is back from being scrutinized by the attorneys, and representatives of U.S. Wind Force will therefore be asking the Mineral County Commissioners today to approve both the final decommissioning report by G.L. Garrad Hassan and the escrow agreement to be signed between the Pinnacle Wind Farm and the county.
25 Jan 2011

Shaffer urges Mineral County Commission to approve Wind Force 'Bill of Rights'

Shaffer said the escrow agreement would assure that the wind farm "is paid for from the first shovel of dirt to start construction of the wind farm to the decommissioning of the last standing turbine. "This is the document that will protect individual land owners, and guarantee that turbines on leased or purchased land are the responsibility of the group in possessoin of the turbines when their useful life is over.
25 Nov 2010

Garrett wind projects to soon generate power

Two Garrett County wind power projects, the first such in Maryland, are expected to begin commercial operation in a matter of weeks, even as opponents consider taking legal action against the facilties. A 20-turbine wind farm atop Backbone Mountain at Roth Rock is set to become operational by the end of December.
17 Nov 2010
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