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County to revise wind ordinance

Somerset County Commissioners plan to make revisions to a controversial industrial wind energy ordinance, including increasing the setback from neighboring residential properties. The commissioners also will meet with Steve Smethurst, the attorney for a group of Marion Station opponents, during a work session this week.
2 May 2012

Wind bill potentially more costly than reported

There is nothing in this bill or in any other Maryland law or regulation that will guarantee or limit how much a ratepayer will have to pay extra for offshore wind-generated energy. If this bill is passed and if a developer succeeds in building an offshore wind farm, don't be surprised if the surcharge exceeds $1.50 in 2012 dollars.
4 Apr 2012

House passes governor's wind energy plan

During floor debate Thursday, the House adopted an amendment from House Minority Whip Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio (R-Dist. 37B) of Newcomb to exempt ratepayers who farm their land from paying the extra fee on the first 3,000 kilowatt hours of electricity they use in a month.
30 Mar 2012

Wind farm project hits choppy water

Two consulting firms that work for the BPU said that "net benefits of the project were not demonstrated" and "key underlying assumptions of applicants' cost-benefit analysis were not adequately substantiated." Both firms said Fishermen's Energy did not factor in the possible loss of jobs if customers switch from conventional power plants to hydropower.
7 Mar 2012

Lawmakers concerned offshore wind could be too costly for consumers

Sen. Allan Kittleman, R-Howard, said he also has concerns about whether the $2-a-month cap is realistic. "My concern is the fact that when you piggyback all the costs together, it does get to be more than $2 a month," Kittleman said. O'Malley said it would probably be another five to six years before ratepayers even see a change in their utility bills.
19 Feb 2012

Labor wants guaranteed role in wind-power plan

O'Malley, who failed to get a wind-power bill through the General Assembly last year, is expected to announce details of new legislation Monday. But this time around, O'Malley may have to take into account labor's demand to have its role guaranteed in the legislation. If not resolved, the issue could split the union-environmentalist coalition that backed the bill last year.
21 Jan 2012

Wind farm opposition group hopes to educate public

The group is a consortium of citizen/environment organizations from five states, and one of its goals is to inform the public about the science and the truth of wind farms. Wind energy is too costly for the taxpayer; too inefficient to keep its promises to generate electricity at the level claimed; and too destructive in its impact on the people and the environment in the vicinity of the turbine installations, said Spiggle.
27 Nov 2011
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