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New O'Malley wind farm proposal still a long shot

For any economically viable offshore wind proposal, "there's a massive subsidy from the ratepayers involved," said David Wisowaty, CEO of Fenimore Partners, a New York-based consulting firm that specializes in wind energy. "It's always the same issue - the very high cost of offshore power. It just requires some way of getting a high price per kilowatt hour" from consumers.
24 Jan 2012

O'Malley to unveil new approach to wind power

In a sweetener for the power industry, the administration has scrapped the old bill's requirement that utilities sign long-term contracts under which they would have had to purchase off-shore wind energy. ...But the new proposal would still provide a market for the wind farm's energy by requiring suppliers to get a set amount of their power from wind.
23 Jan 2012

O'Malley to again tout offshore wind, but shifts direction

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley says he is ready to promote offshore wind energy in this year's General Assembly but suggests his proposal will be less aggressive than one that failed in the 2011 legislature. Mr. O'Malley, a Democrat, hinted last week that he will push for legislation that encourages utilities to buy energy credits from offshore wind firms.
1 Jan 2012

Maryland offshore wind area slashed

It said the Coast Guard had recommended removing a swath of potential Outer Continental Shelf leasing blocks because they were in a path generally taken by ships entering Delaware Bay from the south. The Coast Guard may request an even wider shipping safety corridor after further study, the report added, noting that the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia are among the busiest in the nation.
11 Jul 2011

O'Malley's sleek ideas veer off road

What O'Malley fails to consider is that the poor economics of this project - potentially huge construction and maintenance costs and higher electric prices for decades to come - won't change by next session. Nor will the risk factors of placing giant windmills far out into the stormy Atlantic.
15 Apr 2011

Wind bill for energy killed in committee

Senate committee on Thursday killed a bill backed by Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley to implement offshore wind energy in the state. The Senate Finance Committee announced it will conduct a study this summer on the Offshore Wind Energy Act, ending hope of its passage during the 2011 General Assembly session that ends Monday.
7 Apr 2011

O'Malley fights to preserve agenda

Concerns about consumer costs have been the main hang-up with the plan to develop a wind farm off the coast of Ocean City. Construction and maintenance is projected at well over $1 billion. Energy companies would pass that cost on to consumers.
4 Apr 2011

Wind power legislation short on many details

What may explain the need for government intervention is that the O'Malley administration appears to doubt the market potential for wind power. In 2007, the Maryland Public Service Commission paid a consultant more than $2 million to report on future energy options. The report concluded that offshore wind was the most expensive form of energy among all commercially viable choices.
24 Mar 2011

Questions of costs, jobs and influence surround O'Malley's offshore wind proposal

According to the governor's office, the cost of the subsidy would be spread among all Maryland electric customers in the form of monthly surcharges. The fee has been estimated at $1.44 a month for residential customers, but an analysis pegged the initial fee at $3.61 a month. For the state's largest industrial power users, the surcharges would add up to tens of thousands of dollars a month.
3 Mar 2011

Potential wind-power bill draws mixed reactions

"It is trying to propel companies into renewable stuff. The cost will be passed on to the consumer," Brinkley said. Delegate-elect Patrick Hogan, also a Republican from Frederick, said the bill may go too far. "We should encourage alternative energy, but mandating contracts with the state or between private companies might be overstepping bounds," Hogan said.
30 Dec 2010

Bill requiring wind power may be back

A bill requiring utilities to enter into long-term purchasing agreements for wind-generated power is in the works for the 2011 General Assembly, with supporters and opponents getting ready to air the issue. Prince George's County Sen. Paul G. Pinsky and Montgomery County Del. Thomas Hucker are planning to refile legislation similar to what they sponsored this year.
29 Dec 2010

Why are Maryland lawmakers proposing more corporate welfare for 'Big Wind'?

State senator Paul Pinksy (D-Prince George's) and delegate Tom Hucker (D-Montgomery) have filed a bill mandating state utilities enter into long term contracts to purchase wind generated power. ...If the Pinsky-Hucker bill becomes law, Google and it's investment partners will be the only winners and Maryland utility customers will be the losers.
28 Dec 2010

Western Maryland wrestles with energy future

While Maryland's energy future might lie in harnessing the breezes off Ocean City, the frontier for now is in the same place it's always been - in the mountains of Western Maryland - where the region's winds and coal and natural gas reserves are drawing prospectors. That's unsettling to some environmentalists and Western Marylanders.
13 Dec 2010
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