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Wind Turbine Opposition Heats Up

An impressive lineup of speakers, county, town, and district representatives, along with over 150 interested community members crowded the Kennedyville Fire Station Thursday night to learn more about Apex Clean Energy’s study to build 25-35, 500-ft. wind turbines in the area.
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Timing is everything!

There can be no clearer example of the risk faced by the neighbors of the proposed Dan's Mountain wind project than what is actually happening just a few miles away at the Pinnacle project, which was developed by the very same individuals responsible for Dan's Mountain. If there is any doubt about the risk, perhaps Maryland citizens could speak with their West Virginia neighbors.
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Maryland's governor tells state Senate panel offshore wind bill would create hundreds of jobs

Jeff Zellmer of the Maryland Retailers Association told committee members the measure would cost jobs, not create them. The bill would limit rate increases for residential customers to $1.50 a month and businesses to 1.5 percent. However, Zellmer said supermarkets operate on a 2 percent profit margin and electricity is the second-largest cost for grocery chains.
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New O'Malley wind farm proposal still a long shot

For any economically viable offshore wind proposal, "there's a massive subsidy from the ratepayers involved," said David Wisowaty, CEO of Fenimore Partners, a New York-based consulting firm that specializes in wind energy. "It's always the same issue - the very high cost of offshore power. It just requires some way of getting a high price per kilowatt hour" from consumers.
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PATH applications withdrawn in three states; opponents elated

PJM Interconnection, which coordinates and directs operations for electric power needs in 13 states and the District of Columbia, said Monday it is suspending the 275-mile, $2.1 billion Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline project from its 2011 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan. "Recent dramatic swings in economic forecasts and evolving public policies, particularly with respect to renewable energy, are adding greater uncertainty to our planning studies."
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Pulling back the curtain on wind power

The proposed Calvert Cliffs 3 nuclear reactor would be sited on about 350 acres. The 1,200 offshore wind turbines needed to produce the same amount of energy would require 74,000 acres. Onshore, 2,400 turbines would be needed and would require 8,500 acres. This is a lot of land or water and a big impact on the rich mountain ecosystems and habitats or ocean ecosystems about which we know little.
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In a recession, it's not easy being green

Trying fiscal conditions have environmental advocates approaching the 2011 legislative session with scaled-back expectations they say are essential to meeting federal Chesapeake Bay cleanup requirements and securing Maryland's energy future.
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Delegate calls for oversight on power lines

A Frederick County delegate is proposing a state law to provide more oversight of overhead power lines. Delegate Sue Hecht recently introduced a bill to address concerns about liability and ownership of high-voltage transmission lines. Such a line is proposed to run through southern Frederick County and faces opposition from several community groups.
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Md. to buy wind and solar power from 4 projects

State officials announced plans Tuesday to fill nearly a quarter of the government's annual electricity needs with power supplied by clean energy projects from the Delaware coast to the Appalachian ridge tops. The state will sign 20-year purchase agreements with four wind and solar developers, demonstrating Maryland's commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by 25 percent by 2020, Gov. Martin O'Malley said.
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Md. turning to offshore wind energy

The state began its pursuit of offshore wind generation Tuesday, a move that could lead to building 400-foot-tall turbines off Ocean City. The Maryland Energy Administration asked wind developers to express their interest in building industrial-size windmills a dozen or more miles off the state's 31-mile coastline. At the same time, the energy agency said it is launching a study to gauge the economic viability and environmental impact of such a project.
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Commission: 'Need more facts' about wind farms

Saying the Mineral County Commissioners "need more facts" in regard to the ongoing controversy over wind farms, Pamela Dodds and Judy O'Hara of the Allegheny Front Alliance spoke to the officials at length Tuesday in an attempt to debunk several claims being made by proponents of wind energy. "I believe you need some more facts in order to better understand the claims that are being made," Dodds said. "U.S. Wind Force has made sweeping claims that are inaccurate and misleading."
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Development Authority talks wind power

The subject of wind power brought pros and cons to the floor of discussion during the Mineral County Development Authority meeting held Tuesday evening at the Elk District Fire Hall. ...Spiggle stated that he would ask two questions to wind power companies, both dealing with signed contracts by the company, with one a promise of tax revenue, and the other verifying the company would remove the turbines if necessary. "If the company would answer ‘no' to the questions, then I would oppose the wind mill project," Spiggle said.
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US Wind Force counters commissioner's concerns

A wind energy official has fired back at a Mineral County commissioner on the viability and public perception of the wind industry. David Friend, vice president of US Wind Force, said in a letter Friday to the Allegany County commissioners and also sent to the Times-News that Commissioner Wayne Spiggle's skepticism and concerns "are unfounded."
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US Wind Force explains viability of proposed project

David Friend, vice president of US Wind Force, said in a letter Friday to the Allegany County commissioners and also sent to the Times-News that Commissioner Wayne Spiggle's skepticism and concerns "are unfounded." ...Friend's letter was in direct response to a Times-News March 29 story in which Mineral County Commission President Wayne Spiggle said he doesn't believe wind energy decreases greenhouse gases and questioned whether the majority of Mineral County residents do.
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WindForce meeting Monday

US WindForce will host a public meeting Monday evening at the Wind Lea Banquet and Conference Center as part of the company's ongoing efforts to keep the public abreast of its Pinnacle Wind Farm project near Keyser, with environmental issues again the focus of discussion.
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