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Judge: Maine DEP chief Aho’s actions in wind case 'had no rational basis'

In a ruling issued Monday, Kennebec County Superior Court justice Michaela Murphy overturned a controversial regulatory decision Aho made in June 2011 involving noise violations at a Vinalhaven wind farm, saying there was “no rational basis or relevant evidence” to support it. Aho’s decision, which reversed the recommendations of DEP staff and the Attorney General’s Office, was the exact outcome sought by Vinalhaven’s Fox Island Wind, which was represented by Pierce Atwood, the state’s largest law firm, where Aho had worked until earlier that year.
13 Mar 2014

Acoustics expert disputes wind company’s noise study

An acoustics investigator is disputing a recently released report that indicated Beaver Ridge Wind in Freedom is operating at noise levels below the noise limit required of similar wind projects. Stephen Ambrose, of Windham, reported to the legislature’s Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee that he felt the report, which was conducted by an independent third party, failed to take into account noise results from particularly windy days.
6 Feb 2014

Roxbury wind project

14 of the 22 wind turbines stretch 4 miles across the Record Hill Ridge in Roxbury. Roxbury residents approved the project but the town of Byron, where Paquette lives, turned it down. Philip Paquette: "No one wants it their backyard but it's not in my backyard it's in Roxbury's and they put it in my backyard when I said no."
18 Feb 2013

Selectmen presented with wind turbine sound study

Reacting to a series of noise complaints by a small group of people on Concord Pond, Patriot Renewables hired Resource Systems Group (RSG) to monitor turbine sound from August 15 to September 6, 2012. The monitoring station and a meterological station were put in on the north shore of Concord Pond - 1.6 miles from the nearest turbine.
6 Dec 2012

Spruce Mt. Wind neighbors complain of "aircraft" sound

Woodstock property owners near the Spruce Mountain Wind turbines - particularly camp owners on Shagg and Concord ponds - said at a public informational meeting last week that noise from the towers is louder than expected, because it carries over water and bounces off nearby hills. Its effects, some said, include sleepless nights and headaches, as well as general annoyance.
26 Jul 2012

Roxbury residents lodge turbine noise complaints

Kuras told Roxbury selectmen Tuesday night that the low frequency noise sounds like something heavy tumbling in a clothes dryer. ..."I know what the ice in the lake sounds like and this noise is not that," she said. "This is a repetitive thumping sound: a whemp, whemp. What was once a quiet night's sleep is now this."
12 Jan 2012

BEP approves lower turbine noise standards

Petitioners who asked the Board of Environmental Protection to lower the allowable nighttime noise level of the turbines are unhappy that the standards were lowered by only 3 decibels, from 45 to 42, rather than to the 35-decibel level they sought, said Portland attorney Rufus Brown ..."So far it's the only time where the issues we've raised have been seriously. I think it's a landmark in that sense."
16 Sep 2011

DEP staff recommend postponing vote on wind turbine noise

Maine's noise law applies a decades-old standard that critics contend did not anticipate the unique noise and vibrations generated by 400-foot-tall wind turbines. Industry representatives argue that the existing standards and practices observed by companies are sufficiently protective.
14 Sep 2011

Environmental board debates wind noise

That department's Board of Environmental Protection has been working since December to decide if Maine needs tougher noise standards. Acting DEP Commissioner Patricia Aho says the existing noise rules come from 1989, long before there were any wind farms envisioned for the state.
8 Aug 2011

Vinalhaven residents ask court to vacate wind turbine decision

The petitioners have asked the court to vacate the June 30 order and to replace it with an order drafted by DEP staff. Earlier this year, DEP staff prepared a draft order requiring submission of data and requiring Fox Island Wind to post operational sound and meteorological data on a website for public review.
2 Aug 2011
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