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DEP increases scrutiny of fire safety at Maine's proposed wind farms

On May 29, the DEP reopened the public record on the Bowers Wind farm project so that it could ask the developer, Boston-based First Wind, for additional details on proposed fire safety standards. Bowers is a 16-turbine, 48-megawatt wind power farm that First Wind wants to build in eastern Penobscot County. ...emails requesting similar information were sent to other developers with wind farm proposals under consideration by the DEP.
4 Jun 2013

Turbine fire illuminates need for reporting mandate

Mainers have a right to know about fires or other potentially hazardous situations at large-scale industrial facilities like wind farms. A simple change to wind farm permitting rules to require that operators report fires at their facilities in a timely manner would help public safety and industry officials compile data that could be used to mitigate future hazards.
26 Apr 2013

$4-million turbine fire at Kibby Mountain puts wind energy under new scrutiny by state, opponents

Turbine fires have been known to start forest fires, according to the Confederation of Fire Protection Associations in Europe, which in September 2012 released a document of best practices and guidelines of how to handle fires at wind farms. The European document warns that these type of forest fires can be difficult to extinguish.
23 Apr 2013

Forest fires and wind turbines: The danger no one is talking about

That 220-acre California fire had been contained by 45 firefighters, two helicopters and two bulldozers. The 69-acre fire was contained with the help of 15 fire engines, four hand crews and four planes. A 5-acre California fire was extinguished by six fire engines, three water trucks, two helicopters, two tanker planes, a bulldozer and three hand crews.
30 Jun 2011

Feds: Wind farms trick radar

Crum said they first learned three years ago about problems associated with wind turbine clutter from people seeing significantly different radar images. "We knew about it, but we didn't realize how big of a problem it could be, because most of the wind farms that had been out there in the past were smaller and not these wind farms that we're seeing now with turbines of 400 to 500 feet tall," Crum said.
19 Jun 2009

Turbine blade breaks Bangor traffic light

One of the large wind turbine blades being hauled from Searsport to the Canadian Maritimes hit and broke a traffic light and pulled down wires at Hogan Road and Mount Hope Avenue shortly before 1 p.m. Saturday, according to Bangor police.
15 Jun 2009

FAA reverses ruling, OKs 13 wind turbines

A recent federal ruling that rejected 13 of 22 proposed wind turbines in Roxbury because of height restrictions was based on incorrect information, after all. As of March 18, the Air Traffic Airspace Branch of the Federal Aviation Administration reversed its Jan. 29 rulings by determining that the 13 turbines will pose no hazards to air traffic.
26 Mar 2009

FAA rejects 13 proposed turbines

One of two wind-power developers behind a proposed local project said Wednesday he was baffled by a recent federal ruling that rejected 13 of 22 turbines because of height restrictions. However, Record Hill Wind LLC Principal Rob Gardiner said he didn't believe the Federal Aviation Administration ruling would hinder the $120 million project. "We are treating this seriously because this is a federal agency," Gardiner said.
12 Mar 2009
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