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Island Falls fundraiser focuses on fighting Oakfield wind project

Donna Davidge, an Island Falls resident and member of the group who has been a vocal opponent of the project, said that past fundraisers have been "very successful." "We've always gotten tremendous support," she said Friday. "I don't think that First Wind understands how deeply the landowners here will be negatively impacted by this project."
19 Aug 2013

First Wind proposes 5 wind farms to make power for Connecticut

Lynne Williams, an attorney who represents two anti-wind groups, said First Wind's plans "would devastate the natural landscape" if they are approved. "It is bad enough what is already there. To just go ahead and colonize the ridgelines in Maine is not only morally wrong but I have some real issues with the so-called environmental community in Maine for allowing this to happen."
17 Aug 2013

State permits 18 more First Wind turbines in Hancock County

Fowler said he is not sure when construction might begin. It depends on when First Wind secures a power purchase agreement with a power distributor, he said. The company has yet to secure such an agreement for its approved Oakfield Wind project in the Aroostook County town of the same name, but could move ahead with both simultaneously if it gets power purchase agreements for both, he said.
29 Jul 2013

Maine residents divided on wind turbines

A 62-turbine wind farm would bring a lot of money to the small communities in northern Somerset County, but some residents at a public hearing Monday night said they are concerned about what it would do to the character of the area.
23 Jul 2013

Bingham Wind Project meeting brings out supporters, opponents

Mike Bond of Winthrop, who said he had worked in the electricity and energy business for 30 years, warned that the project would have devastating effects on the area. "This project, in my opinion, will ruin this community," said Bond, adding that he worked with Al Gore on renewable energy. Because of the division of opinions, "you will hate each other."
23 Jul 2013

Moscow-area wind farm plan subject of Monday public hearing

The project by Blue Sky West, a subsidiary of First Wind Inc., is being reviewed by the department and the company is awaiting a decision to be made in November on its approval. The wind farm would include turbines in Bingham, Mayfield Township and Kingsbury Plantation and other buildings and support property in Moscow, Abbot and Parkman.
20 Jul 2013

Offshore wind plans vie for money, support

The wind energy industry, both offshore and onshore, has been dogged by questions about its cost and whether it can compete in electric power markets that increasingly are tapping natural gas as a low-cost energy source due to the rapidly expanding U.S. domestic production. Other headwinds threatening to stall Maine's fledgling wind power industry include investors' uncertainties about the future of the federal Production Tax Credit and the volatility of energy markets.
26 Jun 2013

Public meetings for Bingham wind project could begin next month

Blue Sky West LLC and Blue Sky West II LLC, subsidiaries of First Wind Energy LLC, had an application approved by the DEP in May for the Bingham Wind Project that will place 11 turbines in Bingham, 29 in Mayfield Township and 22 in Kingsbury Plantation. Towns of Moscow, Abbot and Parkman will have work related to the project, but no turbines.
24 Jun 2013

Rural citizens lose battle to have say in wind tower rezoning

Sen. Seth Goodall of Richmond, the Senate Democratic leader, said. "These are very complicated issues. We need to look at these issues comprehensively, to strike the right balance between economics, people and the process." (Goodall's district includes the Woolwich headquarters of Reed and Reed, which describes itself as "having built nearly every commercial scale wind project in the State.")
20 Jun 2013

62-turbine wind farm, largest in New England, proposed for Maine

Bingham’s turbines, on the other hand, would be more than 90 meters tall and, depending on the equipment the company chooses, have a rotor diameter of 112 or 113 meters, he said. This all leads to an increase in output. While the older machines have a generating capacity of 1.5 megawatts, the new turbines have a generating capacity of 3 megawatts.
29 May 2013

‘Historic' energy bill clears Maine legislative committee, 12-1

"One disappointing aspect of the legislation is it does not address wind energy policies whatsoever ...". LePage is pushing to remove a 100 megawatt cap in the state's renewable energy portfolio standard. ...After the vote on the overall bill Friday the committee also voted to "lay over" a bill that will address the 100 megawatt cap issue. The bill would be taken up in the second half of this lawmaking session, which starts next January.
25 May 2013
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