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Writing wind-power rules topic at forum

"There is a great deal of controversy about noise, and we were not happy with any of the other solutions that were presented," he said. The town worked with an acoustic engineer to draw up rules that change based on individual turbines. Louder turbines need to be farther back.
22 Oct 2010

Wind ordinance debate heats up

Buccina argued with Kiely that when he worked on the ordinance's technical portions, he relied on the opinions of experts and then applied that to protect the town's assets. "This is a wind ordinance for Rumford," Buccina said. "It's not about First Wind. The people of our community need to be protected.
15 Oct 2010

Wind ordinance hearing draws few

Kiely said that the ordinance, as proposed, would not allow his company to develop the tentatively planned project that calls for building 12 turbines in Rumford and seven in adjacent Roxbury on privately owned, leased land. That project would add about $65 million to the towns' tax value, he said.
5 Oct 2010

Towns consider holds on wind, cell towers

Although there are no pending proposals for wind power development in town, Grindal noted that a local group has been researching the potential for local wind power and has installed an anemometer to track wind speeds in an area off the Old County Road. The petition cites the sudden "threat of increased development pressure from wind power developments."
1 Oct 2010

Ordinance is pro-Rumford

We chose Dixmont's ordinance as a starting point because it was the most protective. These limits are in line with the World Health Organization's European section, where a long history of wind development has provided ample opportunity to discover where health-impacting mistakes were made.
17 Sep 2010

Phillips approves new wind power ordinance

The ordinance includes a series of acoustic formulas, designed to regulate how far a turbine, making noise of a certain volume, can be placed near another resident's property line. The formula, which planning board members noted was "conservative," includes modifiers for atmospheric variation, errors in measurement and the number of turbines.
17 Sep 2010

Town of Phillips, Maine Wind Energy Facility Ordinance

Phillipswindenergyfacilityordinance_thumb The purpose of this Ordinance is to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents and property owners of Phillips by establishing reasonable and uniform regulations for Wind Energy Facilities (WEFs). The comprehensive setback standards detailed in the ordinance protect against the hazards of a) Falling and Debris Hazard, b) Flicker Hazard, and c) Acoustic Hazard.
16 Sep 2010

Wind ordinance angst builds in Rumford

Depending on what selectmen decide at next Wednesday's special meeting, voters trying to adopt an ordinance on Nov. 2 to regulate wind farms could face two proposals instead of one. Currently, selectmen have accepted one proposed ordinance from the Wind Power Advisory Committee.
10 Sep 2010

Selectmen to continue wind-ordinance discussion

Selectman Greg Buccina believes the proposed ordinance is important to protecting residents as well as stringent enough to prevent people from challenging it. "I think we need to overprotect," he said. Selectman Mark Belanger argued that the proposed ordinance essentially outlaws wind development.
31 Aug 2010

Rumford's draft wind power ordinance labeled too restrictive

Seven months worth of work by the Wind Power Advisory Committee to craft the town's first ordinance with which to regulate wind farms ran into stiff turbulence from a few selectmen and a Massachusetts-based wind developer at Thursday night's workshop. It would require among other things, a minimum 1-mile setback of turbines from residences and wind turbines that don't reflect sunlight.
6 Aug 2010

Dixfield: Petition seeks to zone out wind power

McKay said in an e-mail that the petition asks voters to create an ordinance that would prohibit industrial development, except logging operations and communication towers, above 1,000 feet elevation in the areas of the Colonel Holman Mountain range and Sugarloaf Mountain. ...The town's wind moratorium, which will have been in effect for a year, expires in October.
14 Jul 2010

Buckfield passes wind ordinance

The proposed wind ordinance passed by a large majority at the annual town meeting on Saturday. Approximately 70 residents participated. The ordinance calls for a 1-mile setback and limits any sound output. James Parker from the Planning Board spoke for its passage saying the ordinance was for industrial-sized windmills.
27 Jun 2010

Stockton Springs adopts strict wind ordinance

Stockton Springs, at its annual town meeting, June 19, became the fourth town in Waldo County to enact a restrictive ordinance targeting wind energy development. The 23-page document, which Selectwoman Sara Bradford said was based on the state's model ordinance and comparisons with wind ordinances in a half-dozen other towns, requires a mile setback from occupied buildings and caps noise at 50 decibels at the property line.
22 Jun 2010
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