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New renewable mandate would drive up costs

Consumers were supposed to be protected from having to subsidize poor decisions of developers and generators. The coalition's proposal is going in the opposite direction and would add millions of dollars to consumers' electric bills. It would seem once again, that Maine ratepayers are being forced to bail out a few select developers and generators who have apparently invested in technologies that cannot compete in an open market.
15 Jan 2012

Conservation group announces opposition to electricity mandate referendum

"This referendum is driven by an unfortunate public belief that wind power can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, displace base load generators, and reduce our already high electricity costs, when in fact it can do none of these. The future of Maine's environment and economy deserves better than mandated policies which are based on a belief in presumed benefits."
12 Jan 2012

Let's discuss energy as adults

Are these three legislators so committed to mountaintop wind development that they will not even bring an open mind to the table? They seem determined to keep us frozen in the days of early 2008, when the Legislature threw all of our energy eggs into one basket - wind turbines.
24 Dec 2011

Step up to the plate

Nothing about wind is green. Any real scientist (not on the wind lobby payroll) will verify that. And it isn't about jobs or electricity. ...It is about protecting the people of Maine, and it is about listening to those people, instead of catering to the politically well-connected wind lobby.
21 Dec 2011

Gov. LePage takes the stage in Rockport

The governor said he does not support wind power development or renewables because they generate expensive electricity. "We need cheaper energy for everybody and to get away from these feel-good solutions," he said. The audience replied with an equal measure of applause and boos.
23 Jun 2011

LePage administration questions feasibility of offshore wind power

LaBrecque contends that plans for offshore wind would be contradictory to energy efficiency goals. He said that by adding more heat pumps, thermal storage units and charging vehicles to the electric grid would only increase energy demands and thus increase the fossil fuels needed to account for demand, especially when renewable energy cannot make a "hairline scratch in energy consumption rates."
1 Jun 2011

Mandates on renewable power raised prices

The Maine Public Utility Commission's analysis showed that the first two years of the increased renewable energy mandate added $7 million to Maine ratepayer's electric bills. Rather than continue the automatic increases to the renewable energy source mandate, we think there is a better approach by allowing consumer choice while still supporting renewable energy development.
21 May 2011

Slew of bills target growing wind power industry

One bill would require a setback of between 1¼ miles and 2 miles between industrial wind turbines and houses, businesses or other occupied structures. The bill also aims to strengthen regulations at protecting neighbors from disruptive noise levels and "shadow flicker" ...Another would require wind farm developers to offer a "property value guarantee program".
27 Apr 2011

Wind has power to kick up controversy in Maine

Steve Bennett passed out pictures, which showed the wind turbine tower looming over his house in Freedom. Then, he told the Legislature's Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee about the incessant noise, and the flickering light from rotating blades that enters his window and makes the room appear to be moving. Anyone who says the intrusions from the Beaver Ridge wind farm don't lower the value of his home "is delusional," he said.
26 Apr 2011

Baxter's legacy sacrificed on wind altar

With the stroke of a pen, an uninformed governor named John Baldacci sacrificed the natural art work that millions of individuals had grown to love. Maine's landscape was destroyed because of a bill called LD 2283 which sacrificed an entire state to the wind industry.
25 Feb 2011
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