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Conservation groups oppose proposed western Maine wind farm

PORTLAND, Maine --Maine's Land Use Regulation Commission on Wednesday granted intervenor status to 13 organizations opposed to a planned 90-megawatt wind farm in western Maine. Four of the groups issued a statement saying they recognize a need for wind power in the Northeast, but that the proposed location four miles west of the Sugarloaf USA ski resort is inappropriate for wind turbines. Those organizations are Maine Audubon, Appalachian Mountain Club, Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Maine Appalachian Trail Club.
8 Jun 2006

Regional power plan fairness questioned

Maine's largest energy provider is forecasting record-breaking electricity use this summer, as well as a need for additional supply lines to feed an ever-increasing demand. But a solution planned by ISO New England -- which manages electricity distribution in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont -- is being met with skepticism by Maine officials, who question the proposal's need and fairness.
19 May 2006

Sacrifice in behalf of wind power

At the sound of the ruckus, I looked out a window to see a tractor-trailer rig hauling two of those preposterously huge 125-foot wind turbine blades north from Searsport to the site of a controversial wind farm project at Mars Hill, an endeavor commonly known by more than a few disgruntled County residents as the Great Mars Hill Mountain Defacement Boondoggle.
22 Apr 2006

Large clients backing wind farm proposal

REDINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Schools, hospitals, and colleges in western Maine will be the first in line to buy electricity from a Franklin County wind farm under a new deal struck with the state's leading electrical retail supplier.
8 Apr 2006

Talks round and round

FREEDOM -- Tensions concerning a proposed wind turbine project continued to rise during an informational meeting that quickly turned into more of a debate on Monday evening.
4 Apr 2006

Tilting at Wind Power

MARS HILL - With materials on the ground and contractors on site, a Bangor-based corporation is moving forward on its project to develop a wind farm in northern Maine.
30 Mar 2006

Maine's top economic gun loaded with optimism

Cashman said there should be more investment in Maine in alternative energy sources such as wind power and biomass boilers. Maine even should consider bringing back nuclear power, which has become unpopular, as a way to reduce its dependence on imported fossil fuels, he said.
25 Mar 2006

Wind-farm plans divide Freedom

FREEDOM -- When the old pickup truck's rumbling diesel engine chugged to a stop at the top of Beaver Ridge, only gusting wind whistling through the anemometer's steel guy wires broke the silence.
18 Mar 2006
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