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Boundary mountain area faces development issues

From the south, the mountains begin with the magnificent Bigelow Range and extend into Quebec. Few people are aware of this area, but it is now the target of corporate juggernauts sensing the profit to be made from production tax credits, accelerated deprecation and other taxpayer financial schemes.
17 Jul 2006

Redington Mountain project spurs concern

....we believe there are places where this type of development is inappropriate, and the proposed location of the Redington Mountain project is one such place. We are concerned about the detrimental effects the project would have on one of the region's wildest mountain environments.
23 Jun 2006

Sad day in Mars Hill

Upon extensive research on the wind farm industry on the Internet, talking with the Cape Cod and Vermont citizens dealing with wind farms, I have reached this conclusion. They are masters of giving the public a half-truth then guiding us to an assumption that is not true, but one they want us to believe.
19 Jun 2006

Wind-power project a Bad Idea for Maine

It is nice to be able to use a newspaper to push one's own viewpoints on the environment, social issues or whatever the editors of the newspaper feel is their liberal duty. But you should at least have a clue to what you're talking about.
18 Jun 2006

Wind power destroys environment, saves zilch

Missing from that harsh logic, however, is any evidence that industrial wind power can indeed "stem global warming's progress." With 20 percent of its electricity supposedly coming from wind, Denmark's greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. That country has not reduced its use of other fuels despite a landscape saturated with wind turbines.
18 Jun 2006

Maine groups oppose proposed Redington wind-power project

FALMOUTH -- On Wednesday, June 7, Maine's Land Use Regulation Commission accepted four Maine conservation organizations' interventions in opposition to the Redington wind power project that is proposed for Western Maine.... Maine Audubon, the state's largest wildlife conservation organization, joins the Appalachian Mountain Club, Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Maine Appalachian Trail Club in opposing this project.
14 Jun 2006

Conservation groups oppose proposed western Maine wind farm

PORTLAND, Maine --Maine's Land Use Regulation Commission on Wednesday granted intervenor status to 13 organizations opposed to a planned 90-megawatt wind farm in western Maine. Four of the groups issued a statement saying they recognize a need for wind power in the Northeast, but that the proposed location four miles west of the Sugarloaf USA ski resort is inappropriate for wind turbines. Those organizations are Maine Audubon, Appalachian Mountain Club, Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Maine Appalachian Trail Club.
8 Jun 2006

Regional power plan fairness questioned

Maine's largest energy provider is forecasting record-breaking electricity use this summer, as well as a need for additional supply lines to feed an ever-increasing demand. But a solution planned by ISO New England -- which manages electricity distribution in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont -- is being met with skepticism by Maine officials, who question the proposal's need and fairness.
19 May 2006
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