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Flurry of power plant proposals offers hope

After years of warning that New England's electric grid was on the brink of having to impose Third World-style rolling blackouts, top power officials now cautiously predict the region may have enough power for the near future. Since February, thanks to recent policy changes, proposals for 21 new power plants that could deliver enough electricity for about 3 million homes have come before regional power grid administrators. Those include a $1.5 billion NRG Energy Inc. plan for multiple new generators in Connecticut and a single generator that would burn methane gas from a dump in Westminster, near Fitchburg. The Holyoke -based organization that runs the six-state power grid and wholesale markets, Independent System Operator New England, plans to discuss the projects in a two-day Boston conference starting today .
25 Sep 2006

Freedom wind project passes first planning board test

A proposed three-turbine wind power project at Beaver Ridge in Freedom is ready to move onto substantive review by town planning board members following board confirmation earlier this month that the application submitted at that time by Portland-based Competitive Energy Services (CES) is complete and in order. That vote followed a special town meeting the previous week that rejected a proposed moratorium and allowed consideration of the project under the town’s new commercial development review ordinance to move forward.
22 Sep 2006

Four candidates debate health issues, budget

In her opening remarks, Merrill mocked Baldacci's refusal to take a stand on the Redington wind farm project. Then she produced a waffle iron, which she presented to Baldacci as "the first and inaugural waffling iron" for waffling on the issue. "I don't believe we have the luxury of turning our noses up against a technology that begins to address global warming," she said of wind power.
16 Sep 2006

Debate sparks some electricity

Baldacci, LaMarche and Merrill agreed that nuclear power has no future in Maine and that wind power does, although Merrill was alone in endorsing the Redington Wind Farm, which Maine Mountain Power LLC wants to build in western Maine.
15 Sep 2006

Wind power tube gets a lift out of Searsport

An 80-foot-long tube that got stuck in Searsport last week as it began a truck trek to a windmill project in Aroostook County finally got on its way Saturday........ "The trailer was the problem," Saucier said. The original trailer used was not appropriate for the equipment it was carrying.
11 Sep 2006

Freedom to review $12M wind plan

FREEDOM - Local review of a $12 million wind power proposal for Beaver Ridge is set to begin next month, coming after a planning board decision Thursday night that Competitive Energy Services' application is complete. The wind project was proposed in March, but CES voluntarily held off applying for permits until the town could develop an ordinance by which to evaluate it. The ordinance was adopted earlier this summer, and an attempt to pass a six-month moratorium on wind power permits was defeated at a special town meeting last week.
9 Sep 2006

Wind tower mishap snarls Route 1 traffic

SEARSPORT - High-tech wind power met old-fashioned road pavement Thursday as a truck hauling an 80-foot-long, 197,000-pound tube for a major power generation project in Mars Hill got stuck. The driver's inability to make a turn from a road at Mack Point onto U.S. Route 1 resulted in the tube rolling off its trailer, damaging the road surface. Traffic was blocked for at least three miles.
8 Sep 2006

Freedom wind project moratorium defeated

Backers of a $10 million wind energy project for Beaver Ridge in Freedom scored a victory Thursday when townspeople rejected a moratorium effort proposed by two of the town’s three selectmen. The vote was 79-44. As a result, a representative of Portland-based Competitive Energy Services (CES) is expected to appear before the Freedom Planning Board Thursday of this week seeking a permit under the town’s recently enacted commercial development review ordinance. According to CES executive Andrew Price, the company has been unable to place its order with the manufacturer for the three proposed tower-mounted turbine units until it secures town permitting. There is about a year’s lead-time until the units would be delivered, he said.
7 Sep 2006

CV Planning Board hears subdivision and wind power proposals

CARRABASSETT VALLEY – The Planning Board heard two proposals at its August 31 meeting, one for a proposed subdivision on Sugarloaf and the second from Maine Mountain Power LLC (MMP) for a part of its proposed wind power project. MMP has proposed a 30-wind turbine project for nearby Black Nubble and Redington Mountain, with access roads and transmission lines located in Carrabassett Valley. The Maine Land Use Regulatory Commission (LURC) held hearings on the project last month at the Base Lodge on Sugarloaf.
7 Sep 2006

Kibby Wind Power Project underway

The purpose for the meetings was to formally announce that TransCanada has concluded most of its studies in the Kibby Mountain Range and are now stating that it is suitable for the development of a wind power project. TransCanada plans on filing its rezoning application to the Land Use Regulation Commission this fall.
6 Sep 2006

Freedom braces for another town meeting on windmills

A proposed wind farm on Beaver Ridge continues to fuel vigorous debate. Freedom residents are preparing to vote Thursday, Aug. 31, on a moratorium that would prohibit local officials from granting permits for the project for 180 days, with extensions possible if “the problem giving rise to the need for this moratorium still exists and reasonable progress is being made to alleviate [it].”
30 Aug 2006

Kittery OKs wind power testing plan

KITTERY, Maine -- The Town Council has agreed to fund a wind study at the local dump to see if the location is right for a proposed power-generating windmill. At the meeting Monday night, the council unanimously approved the use of $2,000 to buy testing equipment and begin a wind speed study, which could take up to a year.
30 Aug 2006

Turbines would damage range - Wind power project's benefits to Maine people doubtful

The land above 2700 feet in Maine's mountains has been protected from development since 1972. According to state regulations, a rezoning like the one Maine Mountain Power is requesting in order to build the project must meet stringent criteria. The proposed development must fit "harmoniously into the existing natural environment," and it must satisfy "a demonstrated need in the community and area." It must provide a "public benefit." This project does not meet these criteria.
27 Aug 2006

Researchers work to ensure survival of a rare songbird

"It's a difficult bird to study because it's distributed across a fragmented range of mountaintops which we sometimes refer to as 'sky islands.' We estimate the total population to be between 20,000 and 40,000 birds," Rimmer said. The bird's habitat faces potential threats from ski area development, communications tower construction, wind energy projects, acid rain, mercury and global warming.
27 Aug 2006

Wind Power Proves Divisive, Even for Environmentalists

Tapping into wind power's clean energy isn't as simple as it sounds. Even the environmental groups that tout sustainable energy are divided when it comes to the massive turbines. In Maine, a key environmental group opposes plans to put turbines on a high-visibility ridgeline.Editor's Note: Click on link below to hear audio report.
24 Aug 2006

Groups weigh in on Redington Wind Farm

“We had 30 hours of public hearing, a marathon, but the participants did a great job adhering to a very strict schedule… Everyone who offered testimony was helpful for the commissioners to make their decision. “We have not had a hearing that was that long and with so many people that I can remember,” Carroll said.
22 Aug 2006

Tearing down dam goes against green argument

Can't anyone see the hypocrisy of acknowledging the crisis of global warming while at the same time advocating removal of functioning hydroelectric facilities, which quietly produce totally renewable electricity with zero greenhouse gas emissions and, unlike wind turbines, with very little visual impact?
17 Aug 2006
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