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Rumford selectmen continue work on wind ordinance

Safety setback items were also slimmed down in the ordinance. Initially, the ordinance had language that included setbacks for property lines and residential lines. Selectmen agreed to do away with the residential line language and only have a property line restriction. The safety setback language was changed to require a wind turbine to be 4,000 feet from a property line.
23 Sep 2011

Sumner wind committee hung up on legalese

A committee charged with creating a wind-power ordinance agreed Thursday night to have member Jeff Pfeifer rewrite the document to address their concerns. ..."I wrote it this long because this wind subject has already gotten ugly," Pfeifer said. "We could be open to a lot of attacks. I tried to make it as comprehensible as possible."
28 Aug 2011

Rumford wind ordinance defeated

Town officials will now have to wait to hear from Boston-based wind developer First Wind if Tuesday's defeat kills their interest in still pursuing a $65 million wind farm on Rumford hills. The current moratorium on wind projects expires on July 25.
15 Jun 2011

Bingham residents submit petition to stop wind projects

"It isn't anti-First Wind. It isn't even anti-wind. It's really to say there should be guidelines in place for how these things are constructed in town, where they're placed," Glunn said. The petition requests a town meeting so that residents can answer the following question: "Shall the town vote to place a 180 day moratorium on wind facility development in Bingham?"
8 Apr 2011

Unity voters enact two sets of wind regulations

"If you don't want a turbine, one will never occur within a mile of you," Piotti said. "Beyond that, any company would be required to meet noise and [shadow] flicker standards to keep the impact minimal." Selectman James Kenney noted the ordinance also makes provisions that "any reduction in property value will have to be addressed by the wind turbine owner."
28 Mar 2011
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