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Freedom wind farm hearing Monday

FREEDOM -- Residents will have a final chance to voice their opinions on a proposed windpower farm during Monday's meeting at the Congregational Church. The Planning Board public hearing on the project, which is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., was originally scheduled Nov. 9.
19 Nov 2006

Hearing eyes wind farm idea atop high ridge

FREEDOM — Residents will have a final chance to voice their opinions on a proposed windpower farm during Monday’s meeting at the Congregation Church. The planning board’s public hearing on the proposed project, which is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., was originally scheduled for Nov. 9. That meeting was postponed when officials determined abutters had not been properly notified. Portland-based Competitive Energy Services LLC hopes to construct three wind turbines on Beaver Ridge.
19 Nov 2006

Windmill project churns on

Working toward an end-of-the-year deadline to complete construction of a 28-turbine wind farm on Mars Hill Mountain, contractors have completed more than half of the towers and expect to start generating electricity before Dec. 31. Of the 28 windmills that will be erected in developer Evergreen Wind Power’s project, 15 were complete by Friday and outfitted with blades. “We are in the process of commissioning the turbines. We anticipate we will meet our goal of actual power generation before the end of 2006,” project officials said in a statement.
18 Nov 2006

Wind power hearing postponed

The Freedom Planning Board postponed its final public hearing on a controversial, $12 million wind power project to ensure that all abutting property owners received adequate notice of the meeting. The possibility the matter could end up in court has spurred the board to take a cautious approach as it moves toward a decision on the Beaver Ridge project.
14 Nov 2006

Birds and Towers

The Federal Communications Commission recently began the process of considering new rules to reduce the number of birds killed in collisions with communications towers. The best way to reduce collisions is to have fewer towers by collocating equipment on one structure. The FCC rulemaking furthers the national discussion of collocation, which can benefit more than birds.
13 Nov 2006

Storm brewing over Freedom wind project

Opposition to a proposed wind turbine project at Beaver Ridge in Freedom is not dissipating even after a majority of voters decided at the end of August they weren’t interested in holding up the now $12 million electrical generation project to re-examine a newly adopted commercial development review ordinance that would govern local permitting. With first an informal group of townspeople who are opposed to the project and, just last week, the town itself turning to professional legal help, a planning board hearing scheduled for Thursday of this week promises to be a forum where local passions pro and con could be ignited. The hearing will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the town offices.
10 Nov 2006

ISO New England warns $3.4B in plant investments needed

New England will need to add power plants capable of generating 4,300 megawatts, and $3.4 billion of additional transmission investment, by 2015 to avoid blackouts, the region’s grid operator says. The area will need 170 megawatts of new power before the summer of 2009 to assure adequate supplies, according to ISO New England Inc., the power grid and wholesale market operator that serves the region’s 14 million people........ If a 1,000 megawatt coal or nuclear power plant had been installed in 2005, buyers in the wholesale market would have saved $600 million in power costs, the report said.
28 Oct 2006

Mountain conference planned on weekend

Biologists, environmentalists, civic leaders and others will converge on Rangeley this weekend for a conference on Maine’s mountains. But this isn’t just a feel-good nature weekend. The only other Maine Mountain Conference - held in 1972 - was instrumental in guiding state agencies to protect Maine’s wilderness areas, organizer Richard Fecteau of Farmington said Wednesday. “Part of the reason for the timing (of this conference) is that (Maine’s Land Use Regulation Commission) is revising their comprehensive plan,” Fecteau said. “We would like to show them there’s still a lot of interest in the mountains of Maine.”
21 Oct 2006

Conference to focus on mountain issues

RANGELEY -- From wind power to housing developments, bio-diversity to acid rain, conservation to jobs -- the pressures on Maine's mountains are increasing and policy makers, the business community and the public need to be remember the environmental needs of the mountains themselves, say organizers of a major upcoming conference. The Maine Mountain Conference on Saturday, Oct. 21, is being held at Saddleback Mountain resort's new base lodge with its dramatic vistas of the western mountains. Organizers expect more than 200 people to attend to hear speakers, scientists, historians, planners, residents and outdoor advocates talk about the significance and the future of the mountains.
6 Oct 2006

Woodcock on wind power

Chandler Woodcock, Republican candidate for governor, has done Maine citizens a great service by calling attention to the fact that wind power is an inefficient and expensive way to generate electricity (”Blaine House hopefuls square off,” BDN, Sept. 15).
2 Oct 2006

Energy officials: Supply looks good Flurry of power plant plans may ease crunch

Under the agreement, ISO New England will project regional power needs three years in advance and hold annual auctions to buy power resources, including new and existing power plants. Incentives would encourage private operators to respond to power system emergencies, and operators that don't make extra capacity available would face penalties.
1 Oct 2006

Power line project moving toward construction start

CARRABASSETT VALLEY -- A proposal to construct over 10,000 feet of power line to reach a proposed wind power project in Redington Township could be decided next month. Bill Gilmore, code enforcement officer of Carrabassett Valley, said about 20 people attended a Wednesday night hearing about a plan to build the transmission lines and improve existing logging roads as part of the project. Following a roughly 15-minute presentation from representatives of Maine Mountain Power, the company proposing the project, Gilmore said there were few questions. "I heard no negative comments," said Gilmore, who said the portion of the project that would be in Carrabassett Valley will have little impact.
29 Sep 2006

Change sought in energy use

A Portland-based environmental group hopes to convince Maine’s political candidates to pledge support for alternative energy and conservation. The group, Environment Maine, plans to collect petition signatures and approach state and congressional candidates with a proposed energy platform it says would reduce dependence on foreign oil and reduce global warming pollution. “Our nation desperately needs to change its course on energy,” said Jennifer Anderson of Environment Maine.
28 Sep 2006

Hearing to discuss power lines, roads

CARRABASSETT VALLEY - The Planning Board will hold a public hearing today on Maine Mountain Power LLC's proposal to construct power lines and roads to service its proposed wind farm. Maine Mountain Power, a partnership between Endless Energy Corp. in Yarmouth and Edison Mission Energy of California, want to develop a $150 million wind energy power system by installing 30 wind turbines - 12 on Redington Pond Range Mountain and 18 on Black Nubble Mountain in Redington Township.
27 Sep 2006

SAD 3 receives grant to look at wind power for new school

Reeling a bit from the news their new school won’t be ready until the fall of 2009, SAD 3 board members also received some good news Monday night. Supt. Barbara Mosseau said Steve Cole of Coastal Enterprises Inc. has informed her the district is receiving a $60,000 grant from the Cox Trust. The money will be used to assist the district in determining whether wind power will be feasible in the energy mix at the new school. The district is already eyeing a wood chip boiler and board members think a windmill would be a good addition as well.
25 Sep 2006
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