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New line cost could hit Maine

A federal law designed to ease electricity transmission bottlenecks and improve power reliability could hit Maine ratepayers in the pocketbooks, twice. The measure could force the construction of transmission lines to move Maine’s surplus power south. Not only could the loss of the surplus increase the price of electricity in the state, but Maine consumers would also have to pay part of the cost of building the lines.
10 Dec 2006

Wind project clears hurdle

FREEDOM — The Planning Board on Thursday cleared the way for a plan to erect three electricity-generating windmills on Beaver Ridge. After deliberating more than six hours, the board, by a 5-1 margin, approved Competitive Energy Solutions’ application to build the turbines, each of which will reach nearly 400 feet into the air.
9 Dec 2006

Updated- Freedom Planning Board approves wind project

The proposed wind power project on Beaver Ridge received final approval Thursday from the Planning Board. The 5-1 vote set the stage for an expected appeal by neighbors who are opposed to the development. Although the vote was not unanimous, none of the Planning Board members were actually opposed to the project. While he believes the wind turbines are a good idea, Prentice Grassi said developer Competitive Energy Services of Portland failed to adequately address whether the project would comply with Freedom’s noise standards. “I’m not opposed to the project, but I’m unsure about some of the assumptions made in the noise study,” said Grassi.
9 Dec 2006

Planners deliberate further about turbines

FREEDOM -- A proposal to erect three electricity generating wind turbines on Beaver Ridge came as close to being scrapped last night as it had during several hours of planning board deliberation. The board, which deliberated for about three hours last week and resumed its review Thursday night, talked seriously about limiting the company that hopes to install the turbines, Portland-based Competitive Energy Solutions, to a specific model. Such a limitation would have sent the company packing. "If that's where you are going, we might as well call it quits," said Richard Silkman, a partner at competitive energy.
8 Dec 2006

Keep coordinated on regional energy

Although the approach is too late for projects that have already begun a federal review process, a dozen New England congressmen and senators have asked for help from the Department of Energy in coordinating a regional approach to siting liquefied natural gas facilities. Reps. Tom Allen and Mike Michaud have both signed on to this request, which makes sense for future energy projects.
8 Dec 2006

Business wants 44 turbines in Franklin Co.

A Canadian company hopes to build a wind power project in Franklin County that would be the biggest of its kind in the state. TransCanada, a large Canadian energy company that owns or controls roughly 7,700 megawatts of generating capacity in the United States and Canada, will file an application with the Land Use Regulation Commission within 30 days to build a $250 million to $300 million wind farm, according to a spokesman. If the application is approved, 44 turbines — each roughly 41 stories high — will be constructed on Kibby Mountain and the Kibby Range near the Somerset County line beginning as soon as next fall.
7 Dec 2006

TransCanada sets sights on Maine

TransCanada Corp. is set to take another step on a path that will make it one of Canada’s largest windpower operators, with plans to build an up-to-$300 million US wind farm in the mountains of Maine. The company said Wednesday it is about to seek formal approval to build a 44-turbine windfarm in the Kibby Mountain Range, just south of the Quebec-Maine Border. The $250 million US to $300 million US project will see the 124-metre-high turbines built along 22 kilometres of ridge line in the Kibby Mountain Range just south of the Quebec border.
7 Dec 2006

Turbines pass muster on noise issue in Freedom

Now that the major potential stumbling block of just how much noise would be produced by three giant wind turbine installations topping out at nearly 400 feet over Beaver Ridge in Freedom lies behind them, members of the town planning board return to their deliberations this Thursday on the application by Competitive Energy Services (CES) to build the $12 million wind power project. That session, which could conclude the board’s role in the project, is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at the town offices.
7 Dec 2006

Another wind farm in works

A Canadian energy company plans to apply for a permit to construct a $250 million to $300 million wind farm on two mountains in northern Franklin County, a company official said Tuesday. TransCanada will file an application with Maine’s Land Use Regulation Commission within the next 30 days, the company’s project manager, Nick Di Domenico said.
6 Dec 2006

Planners to resume wind farm issue

The planning board is scheduled to resume this week its review of an application for a wind turbine farm on Beaver Ridge. The board is to meet at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday at the town office. “We still have a lot more to do,” said Nancy Bailey-Farrar, the board’s chairwoman, following last week’s marathon session. Portland-based Competitive Energy Services, LLC hopes to construct three electricity generating wind turbines on Beaver Ridge. The estimated $10 million project includes three 260 foot towers, each of which would hold a 12-by-12-foot nacelle, which contains the turbine generator, and three 130 foot blades
5 Dec 2006

Eyesore or cash cow?

The conversation in Mikala Woollard’s hair salon these days usually revolves around the windmills. “I hear both sides of it, all day long,” she said. And whenever she steps outside, there they are, looming behind the house she and her husband built on the side of Mars Hill Mountain. “There’s no getting away from it, for me anyway.”
3 Dec 2006

Wind project proposal exam continues

FREEDOM — After considering a proposal to build a wind turbine farm on Beaver Ridge for three hours on Wednesday evening the planning board called it a night and will pick up where it left off at its next regularly scheduled meeting. “We still have a lot more to do,” said Nancy Bailey-Farrar, the board’s chairwoman.
1 Dec 2006

Hearings closed on Freedom wind project

A $12 million project to erect three tower-mounted electrical power-generation turbines on wind-swept Beaver Ridge in Freedom weathered three and a half hours of maneuvering Monday night by people on both sides of the controversial issue before a cautious town planning board finally voted to close the public hearing and cease accepting further information.
24 Nov 2006

Beaver Ridge project prompts questions with teeth

Under close questioning by Bangor attorney Edmond Bearor, lawyer for the family of Selectman Steve Bennett, a representative of Competitive Energy Services of Portland was unable to provide definitive answers to several questions about the proposed wind-power project on Beaver Ridge. Bearor attended a Monday, Nov. 20 meeting of the Planning Board to represent the family of Bennett, which owns land abutting the site where CES is proposing to build three, 400-foot wind turbines.
22 Nov 2006

Which way does the wind blow? Freedom wind turbine project abutters throw questions at developer, demanding answers

Unable to give definitive answers to abutters’ specific questions about a proposed wind turbine project, Andy Price asked nervous landowners at Monday night’s planning board public hearing to trust him. “Whatever obstacles there are, I’m sure we can overcome them,” said Price, who represents Portland-based Competitive Energy Services LLC, the company that hopes to erect the three nearly 400-foot wind turbines on Beaver Ridge. But Price’s assurance did little to appease abutter Steve Bennett.
21 Nov 2006
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