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Proposal to annex Redington for wind project to be aired Monday

A public meeting will be held 4:30 p.m. Monday at the Outdoor Center to hear about a developer's plan for this town to annex a parcel of Redington Township so a 90-megawatt wind power project on Redington and Black Nubble Mountains can be built. This comes after years of permit denials for the project by the state's Land Use Regulation Commission, which, if the town's annexation were to be successful, would no longer have the authority over the project.
31 Dec 2008

Lincoln expects wind legal fees to top $10,000

Largely because of an appeal of First Wind of Massachusetts' town permit to build a proposed $130 million wind farm, Town Manager Lisa Goodwin expects the town will spend more than its $10,000 budget on attorneys' fees by budget year's end on June 30, she said Monday. Goodwin wasn't complaining, calling appeals of planning board decisions "part of doing business," but said the appeal was unexpected.
23 Dec 2008

New life for Harley Lee's wind farm

Back in November, the selectmen announced that Harley Lee, president of Endless Energy Corporation of Yarmouth had approached the town about the possibility of annexing part of Redington Township. This is Lee's latest initiative to see a 90 megawatt wind farm come to light on the Redington Pond Range and Black Nubble mountains. After nearly two decades of trying ...the LURC commissioners themselves reject the project nearly unanimously. However, if the town did annex part of Redington Township, the LURC decision would have no bearing and the wind farm project would gain new life.
20 Dec 2008

City wind study runs out of air

Wind turbines may not be in the city's immediate -- or long-term -- future. An interest by some Rockland councilors to have wind turbines erected on Dodge Mountain to generate electricity for the community does not appear to be feasible. David St. Laurent, the city's transfer station director, said he contacted wind-power operators about the feasibility of generating electricity from wind turbines in Rockland.
19 Dec 2008

Dixmont debates wind power moratorium

The Dixmont Board of Selectmen is holding a public hearing Wednesday night on a proposed 180 day moratorium on wind farm development. There is no formal proposal yet in Dixmont but the company that developed Beaver Ridge Wind LLC in Freedom is now pursuing plans to develop a similar project in Dixmont. Mount Harris Wind LLC put an anemometer atop Mount harris a year ago to study the feasibility of a wind farm.
18 Dec 2008

'Gold rush' on to harness, deliver wind power

Politicians, scientists and policymakers seek to put Maine at the forefront of an energy revolution powered by world-class wind power blowing against the state's entire coast. The Ocean Energy Task Force, convened by Gov. John Baldacci, held its first meeting last week to begin the work of determining how the Atlantic Ocean might power homes, businesses and transportation in Maine and beyond.
18 Dec 2008

Listen to Freedom

But the launch of the Freedom turbines brings old adages to mind: "Buyer beware" and "the devil is in the details" ...Freedom threw out its commercial ordinance to make way for the windmills, leaving residents with no legal recourse should the sunny predictions of the developers fall short. It is also worth asking if Waldo County should welcome power plants selling exclusively out of state.
12 Dec 2008

Wind developer proposes Redington annexation

A Yarmouth wind-energy company wants the town of Carrabassett Valley to annex the upper portion of Redington Township to pave the way for a wind farm. Harley Lee, president of Endless Energy Corp., broached the idea to selectmen and will bring a concept plan touting benefits of the wind farm to the board in the future. "We are looking at it to do a community-based wind project," Lee said Tuesday.
11 Dec 2008

Wind farm concerns

With growing concern, we read the report of radiologist Dr. Michael Nissenbaum's testimony about adverse health effects of wind farms, which are amplified over bodies of water. This is because First Wind is seeking permission from LURC to erect 17 wind turbines within a mile of Upper and Lower Hot Brook Lakes, just west of the Danforth town line which goes down the middle of the lakes.
11 Dec 2008

Wind power developer to propose annexation for Redington

Selectmen say that they have been approached by a private company about the possibility of annexing a part of Redington Township for the purposes of developing a wind power project. ...Endless Energy intends to submit a plan to selectmen and eventually begin meeting with people in the community prior to holding informational meetings.
5 Dec 2008

Plans for the world's biggest wind farm

But it hopes to build a 5-gigawatt, deep-water wind farm - the largest in the world ...The target generating capacity of 5 gigawatts equals the power required to replace the use of home heating oil in winter, said Simmons. But more could be generated if necessary. The Gulf of Maine has an estimated total wind power potential of 100 gigawatts. The farm would likely be split into five sections, each about eight nautical miles, or 9.2 miles, or 14.8 kilometers, square, containing 200 turbines generating 5 megawatts each.
26 Nov 2008

Roxbury wind project draws questions

A lengthy presentation by the principals of the proposed Record Hill Wind Project and from several others affiliated with the plan drew questions from residents at a Department of Environmental Protection public hearing Thursday. "My concern has always been how the sound is going to travel," resident Linda Kuras said. She noted that sound studies conducted on the project were performed in August, a time when the wind is generally at a low ebb, and wondered if any study showed how sound can rebound off mountains around the proposed project area.
21 Nov 2008

Woodstock discusses wind farm

Todd Presson and Trevor Childs from Patriot Renewables of Quincy, Mass., said the wind farm would have five turbines. Each would produce 1.5 megahertz of electricity from towers 260 feet high. The towers would have 121-foot-long blades and three of the five towers would have flashing lights for safety. "The generators are not as noisy as some fear," Presson said. "The sound does carry a half mile but people standing at the bottom of a tower can comfortably talk to each other without shouting."
21 Nov 2008

Wind developer, state plan info meeting Nov. 20

Despite having yet gained town acceptance of its proposed wind power project in Roxbury, a Brunswick-based wind developer will convene an informational meeting next week with state environmental officials present. Robert Gardiner of Record Hill Wind LLC and Independence Wind LLC said the meeting will be held from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20 ...In a letter dated Tuesday to Roxbury residents, Gardiner explained that Record Hill Wind isn't trying to bypass an upcoming Roxbury town vote regarding allowing wind power projects on town hills.
14 Nov 2008

Wind firm files paperwork on two projects

First Wind is seeking approval for a 40-turbine wind project on ridgelines in the communities of Lincoln, Lee, Winn, Burlington and Mattawamkeag. The company filed paperwork for the Rollins Mountain project with the Lincoln planning board last week and submitted applications to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection late last month. The company also submitted applications last week to the Land Use Regulation Commission for a 17-turbine wind project outside of the town of Danforth in northern Washington County.
13 Nov 2008

Jackson cautiously proceeds with potential wind projects

Residents gave town officials the green light Thursday, Nov. 6, at a special meeting, to get more information from companies interested in erecting wind turbines in Jackson. The vote came after extensive discussion and a number of changes to the way the authorization was worded. The special town meeting was prompted by announcements a month earlier that two different companies were interested in putting wind turbines on town-owned land as part of a larger project that would stretch across three communities.
12 Nov 2008

Lincoln residents push for wind moratorium

A group of residents again pressed the new Town Council on Monday night for a 180-day moratorium on wind farms as their reaction to a Massachusetts developer's proposal for a $130 million wind farm. ..."There must be a reason why so many towns in the United States and Europe are holding moratoriums on wind farms," resident Joan Goodwin said. "A huge chunk of land within our towns will be forever blighted by this." About 80 people attended the meeting, held at Mattanawcook Academy to accommodate the crowd.
11 Nov 2008

Money in the wind

Turbines have been controversial in recent years, with recreation organizations and nature groups opposing large-scale private wind farms in western and northern Maine. Publicly owned, single turbines have been less controversial. Although they [backyard turbines] can save homeowners 30 to 80 percent on their electric bills, it can take up to a decade - sometimes longer - to recoup the cost. Experts say turbine owners won't be happy with wind power unless they're pursuing it to help the environment as well as save money.
9 Nov 2008

Anti-windmill group launches Web site

A citizens group that opposes a proposed $120 million wind farm on Rollins Mountain has acquired a headquarters, a Web site and is in talks with an attorney, leading members said Wednesday. The Friends of Lincoln Lakes hopes to use the Web site,, as a magnet for others statewide and nationwide who oppose or want to learn about wind farms such as those proposed by First Wind of Massachusetts.
30 Oct 2008

Proposed wind project explained

Jo Dunphy, first assessor welcomed everyone. Dunphy issued a special welcome to former governor Angus King and Robert H. Gardiner, who own Independence Wind LLC of Cumberland, and have joined forces with Wagner Forest Services (who own some one million acres of land in Maine) to construct some 40 windmills in Highland Plantation on Wagner land. ...King noted that once the wind towers were operating they might be able to pay the first 500 kilowatts of electricity in each household in Highland each month and that 90 percent of the taxes of those living in Highland would be paid by the Independence Wind Company.
29 Oct 2008
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